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Driveway Entrance Component

Updated February 23, 2021

This article applies to:
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry

Download the files for the example HERE 
(Note: it is a .zip file, you will need to save and extract the files first)

This example explains how to apply the reference features to create driveway entrances along a new alignment. The new alignment includes ditch improvements. 


Figure 1: Driveway Cross Section Entrance

It is also possible to model a culvert (as shown in Figure 1) by using the Pipe II - Pipe Only component and attaching it to another reference feature. This is not covered in this example.

Reference features can be used to control the cross-section template and display intersected and projected features​​ in section and profile".

The attached terrain file (Driveway1.terx) includes driveway entrance features. Note that the elevations of these features are unimportant (except for Section display) and they will only be used to control the offset position for grading. These features could also be created in Location as separate horizontal alignment.


Figure 2: Driveway Entrance Feature


Creating Driveway Reference Features

  1. Start the Location module and open RuralWithDriveways.dsnx (included with this example).

  2. Choose menu Setup | Location Setup | Alignment | Reference .

Note: In this example reference features are included in the TOPO Terrain – if your reference features are in another Terrain you can use Setup | Location Setup | Alignment | Reference Terrains

  3. Click on the Features button. Setup Reference Features RF 1 (Left Driveway Features) as            shown in Figure 3 below:


Figure 3: Setting up a Left Side Driveway Reference Feature.

  4. For the reference features, set the Section tab settings to Intersection and select an                    appropriate symbol (see Figure 4).


Figure 4 – Setting up Cross Section Display of Reference Features

  5. Similarly, create a reference feature for the right side driveway. After returning, the main          Section Window should appear as shown in Figure 5 below.


Figure 5 - Cross section display showing a left driveway reference feature

Setting up the Driveway Entrance Template

  6. Choose menu Home | Templates to open the Template editor. Press the E-library button.             Load the Misc. Components folder.

  7. In the Misc. Components folder, right-click on Driveway Entrance-left component, copy and      paste it into the DF- Default template on the left side and the right side after all other                  components.

  8. Select Driveway Entrance-left in the tree control. Click on Properties and make sure that              the DriveOffset variable is set to Reference Feature 1.


Figure 6 - Cross Section Display of Reference Features

  9. Select the Driveway Entrance-right in the tree control. Click on Properties and change the             DriveOffset variable to be Reference Feature 2 (right driveway reference feature).

If you examine the cross-sections around the driveway entrances you will notice the additional fill.

  10. To complete this example activate the 3D window.


Figure 7- 3D View of a driveway entrance

  11. Close the Location module, don’t save the changes.