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Bridge Site Design using Location Module

Updated September 12, 2017

This article applies to:
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry

It is possible to create a site plan quite quickly by exporting a Location design into the Terrain module. However, there are some limitations as illustrated in the example below.

This example can be done using these example files:

Download Bridge Site Files here.

1. Create a location design of the bridge section. (see bridge.dsnx)

  • Make sure the abutment elevations are correct
  • Choose appropriate grades, and curves
  • Assign the Bridge (no cut/fill) template to the bridge station range.

Figure: Location Plan view of bridge site

Note: The bridge abutments will be perpendicular to the road in the Location module.

2. Export the designed surface to the Terrain module.

  • Choose File button | Save As
  • Select to Save as type as Terrain File (*.terx).
  • Press Save, the Export to Terrain options dialog box will appear
  • Set up the desired surface and other options.
  • OK to create the Terrain file (and open it in the Terrain module if indicated).

3.In the Terrain module:

  • a. Open the file created above (if necessary).
  • In the Plan window Options, add the original ground Terrain to the Background list.
  • Create draped features to represent long section and cross sections.
  • Dress it up to look nice.

See example file Site plan from location export.ter.

Figure: Terrain module showing the designed road with the original ground in the background.