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Features, Coordinate and Attributes

Updated July 08, 2021

This article applies to:
  • Terrain 3D
  • Terrain Forestry
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry

A feature is a collection of xyz coordinates. Features and coordinates can have attributes. Coordinates can be entered directly by typing them into a dialogue box, traced from an existing map using the mouse or a digitizer or by importing them from an external file.

This section of the documentation will familiarize you with some of the methods for creating features by importing coordinates from external files and for entering coordinates via the keyboard.

Note: Terrain works with Cartesian xyz coordinates such as UTM, Albers, State Plane Etc. Cartesian coordinates allow you to measure lengths and areas in the usual way. If you have non Cartesian coordinates, such as Lat/Lon, it is recommended you convert them to a Cartesian coordinate system when you import them.

To follow the examples in this section the Mapping and Drafting, Import Basic, and Import Extended function groups must be enabled. See Function Groups for additional information.