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Slope Components

Updated September 18, 2023

This article applies to:
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry


This 2 sided component creates slopes, closing the template with ground. Slopes can be set explicity or to Auto (see below).

Slope III - Fill with SG Widening

This component allows the user to automatically widen a road based on the height of fill.

Slope VI - Benches

This component creates up to 5 benches. The component can be applied in cut or fill or both. A closing slope can be included.

Slope IX - Slope Inside ROW

This component creates a fixed slope within the ROW. If the catch point is outside the ROW then the slope is tied to the ROW.

Slope XII - Slope Shoulder Layers

This component can be attached to the outside of a curb to create a backfill.

Slope I - Standard Cut/Fill

Standard cut/fill closing slopes.


Slope IV - Fill Slope by Height

This component varies the slope based on height of fill. Three heights are entered defining 4 possible slopes.

Slope VII - Bench at Subsurface

This component creates a bench at Layer. It doesn't apply in fill.

Slope X - Slope Clear Zone

Allows a variable slope (cut and fill) to be set at the clear zone limit.

Slope XIX Rock Fill Slope 

Rock Fill Slope.png

Stacked rock fill on keyed in at toe. Add before other components.

Slope II - Fixed Width

Creates a slope to a fixed offset from centerline such as a right of way limit.

Slope V - Cut Slope by Depth

This component varies the slope based on depth of cut. Two depths are entered defining 3 possible slopes.

Slope VIII - 3 Legs

This component creates a slope with 3 legs... Top, middle and optional closing.

Slope XI - Slope to Offset

Create a single slope leg to an offset from C/L.

Slope XX - Buttressed Cut Slope


Create a buttressed cut slope.