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Slope Components

Updated May 09, 2016

This article applies to:
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry


This 2 sided component creates slopes, closing the template with ground. Slopes can be set explicity or to Auto (see below).

Slope III - Fill with SG Widening

This component allows the user to automatically widen a road based on the height of fill.

Slope VI - Benches

This component creates up to 5 benches. The component can be applied in cut or fill or both. A closing slope can be included.

Slope IX - Slope Inside ROW

This component creates a fixed slope within the ROW. If the catch point is outside the ROW then the slope is tied to the ROW.

Slope XII - Slope Shoulder Layers

This component can be attached to the outside of a curb to create a backfill.

Slope I - Standard Cut/Fill

Standard cut/fill closing slopes.

Slope IV - Fill Slope by Height

This component varies the slope based on height of fill. Three heights are entered defining 4 possible slopes.

Slope VII - Bench at Subsurface

This component creates a bench at Layer. It doesn't apply in fill.

Slope X - Slope Clear Zone

Allows a variable slope (cut and fill) to be set at the clear zone limit.

Slope II - Fixed Width

Creates a slope to a fixed offset from centerline such as a right of way limit.

Slope V - Cut Slope by Depth

This component varies the slope based on depth of cut. Two depths are entered defining 3 possible slopes.

Slope VIII - 3 Legs

This component creates a slope with 3 legs... Top, middle and optional closing.

Slope XI - Slope to Offset

Create a single slope leg to an offset from C/L.