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Miscellaneous Components

Updated June 27, 2023

This article applies to:
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry

Armor 1 - Constant

This component places a surface of constant vertical thickness over the merged surface. The width (HD) is specified.

Pad 1 - Basic

Material layer of specified thickness.

ROW - Right-of-way Offset

Creates a point code (ROW) at defined offset from centerline or reference feature. A vertical line can be drawn.

Windrow Pile

Windrow Pile.png

This component will vertically tie the top of a windrow to a feature. The connection point is the tow of the inside slope.

Armor 2 - 4 Legs

This component places an armor surface over the merged surface. Upto 4 legs with different slopes can be created.

Pad 2 - Road and Crane Pad

Road with adjoining crane pad. Typical wind farm application.

Follow Surf 1 - Topo, subsurfs

This component will follow topo or a sub-surface for a fixed horizontal offset.

Pad 4 (IV)

Pad 4.png

Pad with reference features used for windfarm projects. 

Armor 3 - Apron Surface

This component creates a armored apron surface on the merged surface.

Pad 3 - Crane Pad

Single crane pad. The vertical offset from the attachment point is specified.

Follow Surf 2 - Reference

This component will follow a terrain reference surface for a fixed horizontal offset.