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Updated July 08, 2021

This article applies to:
  • Terrain 3D
  • Terrain Forestry
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry
This Knowledge Base article is an excerpt from one of our tutorial files. The files referenced in the article, as well as the full tutorial document, are available in our Tutorial Installer.  
  1. File |Open <Terrain>\CAD\park map.terx.

Figure 1: The Trail Features of park map.terx

  1. Dashed lines identify the trails in Park Map (see figure above). Hold down the <Shift> key, then with the Select cursor left-click on each of the trails. Use zoom and screen scrolling to see all the trails.

If a wrong feature is accidentally selected, de-select by clicking again on the same feature with the shift key still depressed. To start again left-click in a blank area to de-select all features.

  1. The trails could also have been selected: Plan | Select button |By Name from dropdown. Unselect All button. Highlight (or double-click) on all the TRAIL-? features, then press Select. Press OK to exit the dialog.

We will adjust the line type for all the trails:

  1. Feature Tools | Line Types, Symbols or through the Feature Properties panel. Change line-type: from 43 Dash Dot to 44 - Dash x 2 (narrow). Press OK. Left-click anywhere in the Plan Window to de-select trails.


Figure 2: TPlan Window Feature Dialogue, one way to Edit Line-types and Symbols

  1. Proceed to step #2 in Adding Symbols or File | New to exit the program. Do not save changes.