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Displaying Cut / Fill Lines in the Plan Window

Updated January 17, 2017

This article applies to:
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry

The Pt. Code VIII component is used to create a point code indicating cut or fill.

Figure 1 - Cut (left) and Fill (right) codes

This example will use the Pt. Code VIII component to display cut and fill slope stake lines in the Plan Window.

1. Choose menu Edit | Edit Templates to activate the template editor.

NOTE: If you don't have access to the internet you can skip the next step.

2. Click on the E-library button and select the Links and Connectors Folder. Press Ok. When prompted, choose Ok to overwrite the existing folder.

3. Expand the Links and Connectors folder (by clicking on the + button on the side) and select the Pt. Code VIII Cut/Fill - left component.

4. Right click and choose menu Copy.

5. Expand the DF - DEFAULT TEMPLATE by clicking on the "+" beside it, and right click and choose menu Paste | As New - Left. The Paste | As New - Right.

6. Select the Pt. Code VIII Cut/Fill and press the Shift Down button until the component is the last component.

NOTE: The component should be last because it is attached to the outside and we want to track cut and fill at the outside limits of construction.

Figure 2 - Pt. Code VIII Cut/Fill component

7. Press OK to leave the Template Editor and return to the main screen. Press Cancel when prompted to "Re-calculate the alignment".

8. Select the Plan Window, right click and choose menu Plan Options.

9. Check the on Template Code check box and then click on the "+" button.

10. Press the Add button and add code SCUTL, SCUTR, SFILLL, SFILLR.

11. Press OK then choose distinctive line types and colors for SCUT(L and R) and SFILL (L and R).

Figure 3 - Setting Up Plan Window Point Codes.

12. Press OK to return to the main screen.

NOTE: The Plan Window now shows distinct cut / fill line types.

Figure 4 - Plan Window Showing Cut / Fill Lines