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Updating to the Version 10 Network License Manager

Updated April 07, 2022

This article applies to:
  • Terrain 3D
  • Terrain Forestry
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry
  • Softree Optimal

Updating Softree Network License Manager on Server

Step #1   Un-install Current Network License Manager

Note: Before updating, please check that there are no licenses signed out or “borrowed”.

  • Open the License Manager. Click Settings
  • Under Settings make note of:
    • License Name
    • Checkout time
    • Port number
  • Select Display License Manager
  • Copy and save Activation Code
  • Press Return License
  • Invalid License: Activation Key is empty message appears
  • Press EXIT
  • Un-install through Add/Remove Programs

Step #2   Install Network License Manager for Version 10 and Activate License

  • Go to the Softree Support Version 10 Download page
  • Scroll down to Additional Downloads and install Network Executable.EXE
  • Once open, press ADD LICENSE.
  • Copy and paste in your activation code
  • Press "ACTIVATE" and press "CONTINUE".

Back in the license manager main area, you can now configure your network license options:

  • Set a License Name
  • Set a Port Code - the default is 8080, but you can configure this manually if that port is already in use by another software or device.
  • Configure Check out length - adjust the slider to limit the length of time one of the users can take the software offline (1-100 days).
  • Press "SAVE".

NOTE: If reinstalling the new server executable on the same server location, we recommend re-creating license details (License Name, Checkout time, Port number) as the previous version, so that end-user computers automatically reconnect.

Step #3  Install Version 10 on End-User Computers

Step #4  Reconnect End User Software to License Manager Server Executable

  • Once installed, run any module of the software
  • The License manager dialogue will automatically pop-up, select Network License

NOTEthe end-user computer must be online and able to connect to the server computer at time of configuration.

  • In smaller network situations, the "Scan" function works really well.
    • Scanning for a Network License:
      • Press "Scan"
      • The software will start scanning the network for available licenses.
      • Once a license(s) are located, the details will be displayed in the scan.
      • Press CANCEL to stop scanning and view the found licenses.
  • In larger network situations - we recommend manually configuring the license
    • Manually Configuring the License:
      • Press "ADD"
      • Enter the server name or IP address. (Note: the IP address is displayed in the top right corner of the license manager)
      • Enter the port # as configured in the license manager.
      • Press "VERIFY and ADD"

NOTE: If the server has a fluctuating IP address, we recommend adding by Name vs IP.

  • Select the desired available license:
    • Select the desired Available License (if more than one) and press Connect.