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From Version 8 USB Key

Updated December 20, 2019

This article applies to:
  • Terrain 3D
  • Terrain Forestry
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry
  • Softree Optimal

Instructions to Reprogram USB keys for Version 9 from Version 8

Please follow the instructions below to remotely reprogram your RoadEng or Terrain Tools USB key to access Version 9. These instructions are for the end-users that do not have RoadEng or Terrain Tools Version 5, 6 or 7 installed.

Step #1 Install (Update) Security Hardlock Drivers

Ensure the latest drivers are installed (Version 7.6.9) on the computer being used to reprogram USB key(s):

  • To check, go to: C:\Program Files(x86)\ SafenetSentinel \ Sentinel Protection Installer (shown below):

USB Update


  • If Version 7.6.9 is installed then skip to Step # 2. 
  • If Version 7.6.9 is not installed then continue to install/update drivers: 

 ​​​​Step #2 Start Email

  • Open your mail client
  • Start email addressed to
  • In Subject line type in license # on USB key

Step #3 Reprogram USB Key

  • Attach USB key. NOTE: Only 1 USB Key can be reprogrammed at a time
  • Download 
  • Unzip the executable
  • Click on FieldExUtil.exe to open the program
  • Make sure Hardware Key tab is selected and press “Get Locking Code”.
  • A long string of letters appears in top screen, as shown in the image below (code will vary):
  • Press the copy to clipboard icon
  • Paste string of letters into the email you started in Step #2
  • Press Send.

Softree will generate your return code and email it back to you with instructions.

Note: You can close the Field Exchange Utility while you wait for the new locking code. If you do close it, DO NOT press Get Locking Code again as it will generate a new code.