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Editing a Traverse

Updated July 23, 2019

This article applies to:
  • Terrain Forestry
  • RoadEng Forestry

Editing a Traverse

1. From the Traverse List Screen, Press the > next to the Traverse you would like to edit.

2. Once you are at the Traverse Table view , you have lots of options:

To add a new station: press the > of the station BEFORE the new one you want to add. Once      at the C/L Station & Shot Data screen, press “Add New Shot”

To insert a station between existing stations: hold on a pair of input rows to insert a new          station above it

To edit an existing station: tap on any row to edit the existing station

To delete a station: swipe left to delete a pair of rows (you will receive a confirmation)

If this is your first time editing this traverse: Your first station has already been started             based on the information that you input when creating the traverse. Touch in the pair of rows     highlighted in orange to edit.

ERROR MESSAGE “Cannot create another station; station at index (x) is incomplete.” You      have already input data and you have an incomplete row ( ie . The shot type, fore azim,                HD/SD, and Slp % is missing). You have two options:

     • Complete the missing shot data. The incomplete row is highlighted in orange. Tap on the           row with the orange index number, complete your missing shot fields.

     • Delete the incomplete row. On the row highlighted with the orange index number, swipe             left to delete.


NOTE: There are two tabs in the Table View screen. Both tabs have the same functionality
as outlined above.