Release Notes



8.0.405 Terrain Repetitive warning: "Warning inconsistent triangle set encountered". Now has option "Do not show me this message again". Note: it is still better to fix your triangles!
8.0.377 Location Default template tables (Normal.tpl) upgraded. Replaced old "Resource Low Volume" template with more modern components. This will only affect fresh installs; for re-installs, the changes can be found in the <settings and layouts>\LastInstall folder (usually C:\ProgramData\Softree\RoadEng8\LastInstall), files CivilMetric.tpl, CivilEnglish.tpl, ResourceMetric.tpl, ResourceEnglish.tpl.
8.0.377 Location Remove slow "Simplified haul Cost" option in the ground types editor. You will be warned if you open an existing design or ground table with this setting turned on.
8.0.344.0 Location Improvements to subview re-sizing and control in multi-plot report builder.
8.0.342.0 Location Transparency added to multi-plot page-specific icon.
8.0.339.0 All License files (License.lic) which are setup for a Network License can be copied to other Computers to connect to the network.
8.0.327.0 All Network license manager displays both computer name and user name for all active and offline ("checked out") licenses. All "Save as" and Exit implemented for license manager. Location Multiple Horizontal Alignments. All Network Executable "check out" licenses. All GPS toolbar and integration in all modules. All Navigation Toolbar implemented. Location New multi-plot report builder implemented. Terrain Increase # of profile windows to 25. All Getting Started feature. All Touchscreen gestures added. Terrain Modeless features properties panel created for control of linetypes, symbols, etc. All Improved dockable panels. All Increased # of recent files visible in file menu. All Updated Ribbon User Interface. All New License Manager implemented. All 64-bit version.

Known Issues (resolved in next major update)

Resolved in Location Template overrides corrupted on save/re-open when there are multiple horizontal alignments. Location Panel window(s) "floating" save/open screen layout or design -> panel(s) disappear. You can usually find the panel at the bottom of your screen, just barely visible. Use "docked" panels.

Bug Fixes

8.0.434 All Previous versions unable to register a cloud license since server security upgrade in September 2021.
8.0.427 All Roadeng v8 could connect to a v9 network license manager, claim a license-seat, and borrow that license for offline use, but could not return the license afterwards.
8.0.405 Terrain Feature Properties panel changes color of features if you select multiple features with different colors and then change a non-color property.
8.0.404 Location P-Line culverts drift off the P-Stn index during Culvert Properties changes.
8.0.403 Location Multi-Plot: opening a Book Layout now resets pagination to full station range.
8.0.399 All Cloud license fails or must be registered repeatedly. New install resets permissions in C:\ProgramData\Softree\License folder to fix this issue.
8.0.398 Location Not saving P-line offset for section lines in plan window display
8.0.397 All Export to DWG failing when with symbol translation enabled.
8.0.395 Location Multi-plot: "Locked Position" doesn't stick in rectangle options dialogue box.
8.0.395 Location Missing Blank.clt in install. This file makes it easier to add a blank chapter in Multi-Plot.
8.0.390 Location Multi-plot missing sub-views after save over book (BLT) or chapter (CLT) layout.
8.0.390 Terrain Multi-plot Cable Data sub-view limited to max 3.
8.0.385 Location Reference surfaces not working in the template editor.
8.0.385 Location User Variable Reporting - totals removed
8.0.384 All Application silent crash on exit; rare; no error message. Caused by License Manager.
8.0.384 Location P-Line file not shown in Home-Edit external Files.
8.0.384 Location Spiral curves imported from LandXML alignment are set to Auto transition length; depends on default curve saved in normal.tpl. Turn off Auto to see actual lengths.
8.0.381 Location Reference surfaces not working when C/L doesn't start on the reference surface TIN.
8.0.381 All Large model memory issues causing spurious text and fonts.
8.0.380 Location Window selection toolbar (bottom left) has bad behavior after opening some files; pressing the Profile button, for example, pops up an error: "Maximum number of windows exceeded".
8.0.380 Terrain If you create more than 10 Profile windows there are problems with creating Profile Sub-Views in the Terrain multi-plot. The maximum number of Profile windows has been reduced to 10 (as it was in version 7).
8.0377 Terrain D-Lines (cable yarding analysis) not displayed in 3D window.
8.0.377 Location Profile window: some custom labels not displayed if no vertical alignment in station range of interest.
8.0.377 Location Custom labels (for Profile and Plan windows) not retrieved from multiple horizontal alignment designs.
8.0.377 Location Can't save Profile sub-window height of 100% (for example if you want to show only the Mass Haul diagram). On open it resets to 30%. This was true for both multi-plot Profiles and the main Profile window.
8.0.377 Location If you save screen layout Normal.dlt, and then open the result, it will generate the message "Warning: The screen layout you have retrieved contains old multi-plot information..."
8.0.375 Terrain Terrain Profile GPS cursor drawing issues
8.0.374 All Must manually connect to network server every time RoadEng application is run. Application can't write to C:\ProgramData\Softree\License\license.lic file.
8.0.374 All Minor resource leak fixed
8.0.374 Survey/Map Crash in Map view using gestures on touch screen device.
8.0.374 Location Crash on re-calculate when Pit Site Preparation cost set.
8.0.374 Location Installed screen layouts behave as if they are empty (wrong ASCII character encoding): Normal.dlt, CivilNormal.dlt, ResourceNormal.dlt
8.0.369 All Network Licence Borrow License not working. Only happens if license was setup by administrator, and later, a user is trying to borrow license.
8.0.368 Location After first RoadEng install, screen layouts Normal.dlt, CivilNormal.dlt and ResourceNormal.dlt open with a blank screen.
8.0.364 Location Alignments panel, Horizontal Alignment Options ("+" button): "Add Existing" non-functional. Option removed; coming in version 9.
8.0.364 All GPS not reading southing coordinates correctly.
8.0.364 Location New Location defaults not saved to Normal.dlt (default screen layout):
  • Auto interval report point on/off, spacing
  • Setup-Location-Setup, Alignments tab, Extend ground options
  • Mass Haul distances
  • Save-As Terrain Export options
8.0.363.0 Terrain Polygon or polyline filtering not working for DEM import.
8.0.363.0 Location Multi Plot not refreshing dynamic attributes.
8.0.363.0 Terrain Background control on/off display not working correctly in profile window.
8.0.363.0 All Save-As DWG generates error "Could not open registry key for read/write: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Softree\RoadEng\8.0".
8.0.360.0 Terrain DEM import not recognizing - UINT32 types.
8.0.358.0 Location Section View error updated for situations with no point types selected.
8.0.358.0 Location, Optimal Issue double click from Windows Explorer not working for DSN files
8.0.357.0 Location Copy data window to clipboard crashes.
8.0.352.0 Optimal Optimization not considering cut from other surfaces (non sub-grade). This might occur with a special template component such as a sub-cut.
8.0.350.0 Location Multi-Plot Jumps Off "chapter mode" After Sub-View Added.
8.0.347.0 Location Creates bad temp folder (<settings and layouts>\Roadeng8temp) and doesn't remove.
8.0.344.0 Location Multi-Plot font control for data windows updated to be controlled by multi-plot default font, not module setup font.
8.0.341.0 Location Alignment properties panel missing shift up and shift down functionality.
8.0.340.0 Terrain Illegal characters in Shape file headers
8.0.340.0 Location Stripping issues with fixed sections.
8.0.336.0 Terrain Shape file export attributes being truncated.
8.0.315.0 All License Manager time bug "no internet connection".
8.0.315.0 All Softree.ini corruption with old password.
8.0.305.0 Location Multi-plot icons printing in Terrain sub-views.
8.0.301.0 Terrain Terrain, save-as regular grid, not permitting TERX format.
8.0.301.0 Location Multiple Horizontal Alignments, save as DSN fails fixed. Terrain USB Security preventing printing , reverting to demo mode. All Network Executable Updated to service. Location Multiplot Profile subview sizing not adjustable. Location Mass haul copy to clipboard disabled. Location Multiplot Start Page Numbering not functioning propertly. Terrain Terrain Feature properties selection and update fails for repeat selection. All MS Access Database driver removed from software install. Location Culvert template ditch override fails. All Screen orientation / rotation on tablets. Location Curve editor jumps back to start of alignment with key strokes. Location 64-bit bug, with the section window selected, you go to file | print and it will crash immediately. Terrain Re-implementation of the speed key. All Paste Special and OLE Objects disappear when re-opening in multiplot. All Open screen layout does not work properly if the application window is not on the same screen as where the layout was saved. Terrain Terrain jump to point / feature doesn't jump. All License manager 'save and exit' issues. Location Warning message cut off in vertical curve panel. All Version number updated to 3 digits. Location Context menu stopped working in the alignment properties panel. All Code signing updates. Terrain Shape file import bug with 64-bit version only. Opt Elevation correction in the vertical band. Location Culvert override not working correctly with user defined variables. Location Export to Shape File Saving hidden features. Location Slope Ratio copy to clipboard / paste into Excel not working. Location Not saving enough decimals with slope ratios (e.g. 6:1). Location Optihaul ground types showing as -9999. Terrain ASCII import options, Test tab, click on next a few times -> crash. Survey Crash if try to open Side Shot Editor (64 bit version only). All Panel window re-draw resource leak. Terrain Feature symbol scale corrupt after save with x64 version. Location Crash on edit VPI with mouse; rare.