Release Notes


9.0.42TerrainSecond beta release of Feature Tracking. Only available if license provided. Ribbon UI added.
9.0.40TerrainBeta release of Feature Tracking.

Bug Fixes

Version Module Bug Fix
9.0.204 Terrain Plan display of D-Line (Cable Analysis) shows "no clearance" near tail hold when there clearly is clearance. Intermittent.
9.0.191 Location Labels are ignoring the "Decimals" value set in the label options and are always displaying the value set in Setup-Location Setup, Units tab, "Accuracy for reporting".  
9.0.191 Terrain Can't read KMZ (Google Earth) file exported from ArcGIS.
9.0.190 Terrain Can't import KMZ (Google Earth) file exported from Terrain.
9.0.158 Terrain Feature Properties panel changes color of features if you select multiple features with different colors and then change a non-color property. Location Vertical Optimization: new control point Tolerance Below not implemented correctly (uses Tolerance Above instead). Location Feature Properties panel, status area display of Fwd. Leg items show incorrect values if you have selected a TIN point as the current point. Location Template overrides corrupted on save/re-open when there are multiple horizontal alignments. Terrain Plan ribbon, Edit Comment not working Location Export LANDXml Alignment names not preserved Location Multiplot crash when window missing.