Release Notes



Version Module Enhancements
9.0.413 ALL Prompt for cloud license users to return on program exit.
9.0.401 Location XML surface export improvement (sections now breaklines.)
9.0.207 Terrain GPS Waypoint Sampling. Given an active attached GPS device, Terrain can sample the current location and insert a new feature on the current terrain at those coordinates.
9.0.207 Terrain Added GPS Track Log.  Given a GPS device, RoadEng record GPS data (lat, log, elevation) to a given file over time, and play it back.
9.0.190 Terrain Support for AutoCAD 2019 file formats.
9.0.146 Location Simplified the Multiplot ribbon UI (removing the sub-view tab and adding to the main multiplot ribbon).
9.0.42 Terrain Second beta release of Feature Tracking. Only available if license provided. Ribbon UI added.
9.0.40 Terrain Beta release of Feature Tracking.
9.0.24 Location Direct access to Multi-plot Template e-library through Multi-Plot ribbon.
9.0.10 Terrain Cable logging equipment list saved with .terx file.
9.0.0 Terrain Live Maps – given a georeferenced terrain, roadeng can import satellite image data from online map providers (e.g. Google Maps) and insert the imagery into the current terrain.
9.0.0 Terrain Live Maps – Roadeng can import DEM data when using MapTiler as a map source.
9.0.0 Terrain RoadEng can directly export from Location -> SaveAs and Terrain Multiplots Windows (Terrain -> Setup -> Export) to Avenza Maps.
9.0.0 Location Control page number start page for Multi-plot book.
9.0.0 Location Auto generate curve add to horizontal curve panel.
9.0.0 Location Control end station range for Multi-plot chapter (similar to start station control already in place).
9.0.0 Location, Terrain Inclusion of the Undo Button in Multi-Plot.
9.0.0 Location Export centerline directly from Location to shape / LandXML / GPX.
9.0.0 Location Set Road class specifications during import of LandXML.
9.0.0 Terrain Simplify function in Terrain includes cancel option. 
9.0.0 Terrain Drive Through Mode – allow eye position as an offset (+/-) from centerline.
9.0.0 Location Option to link to P-Line in Location design.
9.0.0 Terrain Quadtree Simplification for point thinning.
9.0.0 Location Update Rural Roadway component.
9.0.0 Terrain Re-factoring the export to Terrain from Location.
9.0.0 Location Haul cost calculator.
9.0.0 Terrain GPS NMEA string not parsed correctly with Southing coordinate.
9.0.0 Terrain DriveThrough enhancement.
9.0.0 Location Culvert export enhancement.
9.0.0 Location Plan display enhancements.
9.0.0 Location Template Editor Label Option set to match main window.
9.0.0 Terrain GPS code refactoring.
9.0.0 Location Plan enhancements display options.
9.0.0 Terrain Dline Explore mode and IU enhancements.
9.0.0 All Localization changes.
9.0.0 Location Template Editor UI enhancements.
9.0.0 Terrain Remove Alpha from LiveMaps.
9.0.0 Location Reference features from alignments.
9.0.0 Location Profile surface display in Location.
9.0.0 Optimal SO_Api documentation update.
9.0.0 Terrain Grading Object Surface Intersection Checking.
9.0.0 Terrain Speed improvements to point location.
9.0.0 Location Shading speed up.
9.0.0 Location Use of point codes in multiple alignments.
9.0.0 Location Multiple Alignment support in Terrain Export from Location.
9.0.0 All Web based help.
9.0.0 Terrain Catchment area calculation.
9.0.0 Terrain GPS waypoint functionality in Terrain.
9.0.0 Terrain TIN Operations, drape, boundary, and watershed calculation.
9.0.0 Location, Optimal Multiple alignment UI improvements.
9.0.0 Location, Optimal 3D view multiple horizontal alignment enhancements.
9.0.0 Terrain, Location Shape Export improvements, including simplified UI.
9.0.0 Terrain Add D-Lines clearance parameter.
9.0.0 Location E-library updates.
9.0.0 Location Template editor UI improvements.
9.0.0 Location Terrain export from Location connected breakline features.

Bug Fixes

Version Module Bug Fix
9.0.479 All After long sessions, resource leak breaks context menus (items missing from popup menu) and prevents save if untitled (File Save dialog box won't open). Can also cause crash. Close and re-open module fixes problem.
9.0.476 All Intermittent crash when using Screen Layouts drop down in View ribbon. Only occurs when large amounts of RAM in use.
9.0.469 Location After Vertical Alignment optimization using ribbon UI (Corridor - Vertical - Process) the alignment needs a manual re-calculation (Corridor - Recalculate Range).
9.0.469 Location Installed template tables (TPL files) updated. Feb 20, 2020 Ditch I Standard (Feb. 20, 2020) component had issues.
9.0.465 Terrain Terrain module hangs on start if C:\ProgramData\Softree\RoadEng9\dlines.prm file is corrupt.
9.0.453 Location Spanish language selected: file saved as DSNX cannot be opened. Bug in 9.0.452 only.
9.0.453 Terrain Issues with Multi-plot Rectangle auto text (profile scale).
9.0.453 Location

Multi-plot issues fixed:
1) Sub-windows not always lined up with grid when using snap
2) Locked sub-window prevents selection of sub-windows behind

9.0.452 Survey/Map MAP file with label formatting crash on save. Also corrupted MAP file causes crash on open.
9.0.436 Survey/Map When opening a MAP document, warning hides name of missing traverse file if path too long. Also shows file name (if visible) as DB1 instead of TR1.
9.0.436 Location Error if Delete Range cuts a vertical curve with locked length: "Station xxx Vertical Curve no longer fits tangents and will be removed."
9.0.429 Terrain Spurious "Value out of bounds" error on exit Cable Analysis - Edit dialog box.
9.0.423 Location Opti-Haul out of date when open design. Recalculate Range "Re-cost" setting not saved with document.



Issues exporting very large polylines to DGN

9.0.410 Location Issue exporting to LandXML with multiple alignments
9.0.409 Terrain Live Maps image save messes up Open/Import file types list: "Image Files" removed from list.
9.0.408 Location Multi-Plot Default Page Size
9.0.406 Location Multi-plot various fixes - Retrieve Other Layout and Open Book Layout
9.0.404 Terrain During calculation of 3D display lists, it is possible to access menu and ribbon functions. Trying to open another document at this time will crash Terrain.
9.0.402 Location Multi-Plot - Template Assignments not auto scaling station properly.
9.0.402 Terrain Merge of source with hidden 3D features crossing TIN boundary fails.
9.0.401 Terrain Auto-calculated tail hold not right sometimes. Added more samples for clearance with "simple third point" deflection.
9.0.396 Location Reference features not drawing correctly and program sometimes freezes (hangs). Happens when feature is in and out of maximum offset.
9.0.394 Location Bad Profile curve draw after partial re-calc (only for fixed length curves).
9.0.377 Location Issues with duplicate Reference Terrains.
9.0.377 Location

Cut/Fill display issues.

9.0.376 Location Haul cost edit dialogue box can hang in Freehaul control mode if paramters are zero.  
9.0.374 Location

Error occurring when “Reset to Default” applied to User Attributes.

9.0.374 Location Multiple alignments CL not displaying when current and “Display in Background” enabled.
9.0.373 Terrain Terrain Select Feature(s) - By Range issue. Retain currently selected features option not behaving correctly.
9.0.372 Terrain Terrain custom labels stored in Normal.ilt are not retreived on File-New.
9.0.372 Location Plan window shading of code pairs issue; left and right code pairs connected in error.
9.0.371 Terrain Export of Softree Survey File (*.tr1) from Terrain can include non-zero declination if the screen layout (Normal.slt) is set up that way. In this event, the traverse coordinates will rotate away from the original Terrain feature if it is re-adjusted.
9.0.370 Terrain Terrain Modeling - Simplify hangs on Cancel during calculation.
9.0.368 Location, Terrain LandXML export handling extended (UTF8) characters. As occur in Spanish and other languages.
9.0.361 Location 3D render and export of Open Bottom Arch culvert is wrong height (half what it should be).
9.0.360 Location Floating labels shift during save/open when using multiple horizontal alignments.
9.0.360 Location, Terrain Status bar mouse coordinate update broken in 3D window.
9.0.359 Terrain TIN Simplify: various UI issues fixed: Spurious warnings removed; count inaccuracies fixed; no longer ignores single point features.
9.0.342 Location <Shift><Enter> Key acts as left mouse click
9.0.342 Location Insufficient section points issues.
9.0.342 Location Section widening not showing in the template editor.
9.0.342 Terrain DEM and Geotiff import issues (distortion).
9.0.342 Terrain Export of shape features to polygons reinstated.
9.0.342 Location Dragging the template around in the Template Editor for a significant time (large number of moves or pans) causes Component and Fragment Properties dialog boxes to load slowly. Other application paints may also slow down. Problem goes away after closing Template Editor.
9.0.341 All Applications fail to start if another user is running RoadEng on a computer (or virtual machine). This situation can be common in a networked remote desktop environment such as Citrix's XenDesktop or Microsoft's Remote Desktop Services.
9.0.331 Location Incorrect template parameter display when slope is set to "auto" (shows "100.0" instead of "AUTO")
9.0.326 Location Rise/Run ratio format lost after save/open.
9.0.325 Location Crash on Profile hover tip when vertical alignment selected in Project Explorer (only if vertical alignment is empty).
9.0.318 Location Multi-plot pagination issues fixed: Last page of chapter, auto Scroll Position not right (too much overlap). Can't set start of station range to a value less that the sart of the alignment. Saved CLT, BLT layouts remember end station and don't always work in another design. Multi-plot Web Library updated - works for all versions.
9.0.318 All Label Options, Position tab, Vert. offset loses minus sign.
9.0.314 Terrain Out of memory or crash in Terrain Modeling - Simplify for large extents, small grid size.
9.0.313 Terrain Terrain hangs on save if target network drive becomes unavailable.
9.0.308 Location Template component properties dialog box too large for some screen resolutions.
9.0.308 All Crash with minimized ribbon if click on View - Screen Layouts control twice (once to open dropdown list, a second time to close it).
9.0.304 Location Stripping to point code issue.
9.0.304 All Windows File explorer: double click (or right click Open) on RoadEng document in causes Windows installer to run (and fail). Depends which user is logged in.
9.0.302 Location, Terrain Save to compressed formats (TERX, DSNX) sometimes corrupt and subsequent Save and Save-As fail (usually over network). Save code made more robust with a built in audit.
9.0.300 Location Culvert ditch depth override fails on right hand side.
9.0.294 Location Multi-Plot Template Assignments table: not enough room for station display.
9.0.290 Location Auto-Generate horizontal curves does not apply curves to whole alignment. Intermittent.
9.0.298 Location Missing end section in Multiplot.
9.0.298 Location Re-calc ignoring sub-ranges.
9.0.278 Terrain Imported KML or KMZ label attributes corrupted.
9.0.277 Terrain Issue reading some shape files (rare).
9.0.275 Location Template Editor: Properties (and other functions) disabled; can also crash. Only occurs if a large amount of computer memory is in use.
9.0.270 Location Get stuck in D-Line Calculation Options dialogue box with error message "The parameter is cncorrect". Fixed by preventing edit or create D-Line with zero length feature.
9.0.268 Location

Culvert Editor Combo box not initializing on HA changes.

9.0.267 Location Missing profile reference surface display in Multi-plot. 
9.0.266 Location Slowness editing horizontal alignment due to redraw.  
9.0.266 Location Horizontal IP symbols appearing washed out.  
9.0.266 Terrain Avenza export options allow selection of non-Plan windows (Profile, 3d, ...). This always fails as these windows can't be geo-referenced.
9.0.264 Location Memory leak fixed. Only manifests in 9.0.243 and 9.0.258 Beta versions.
9.0.204 Terrain Plan display of D-Line (Cable Analysis) shows "no clearance" near tail hold when there clearly is clearance. Intermittent.
9.0.191 Location Labels are ignoring the "Decimals" value set in the label options and are always displaying the value set in Setup-Location Setup, Units tab, "Accuracy for reporting".  
9.0.191 Terrain Can't read KMZ (Google Earth) file exported from ArcGIS.
9.0.190 Terrain Fixed an issue that was causing exports to Avenza for Android devices to fail during loading of avenza map on the android device.
9.0.190 Terrain Can't import KMZ (Google Earth) file exported from Terrain.
9.0.187 Survey Fixed an issue using the trupulse laser range finder where a short timeout would was cause Bluetooth connection failures.
9.0.158 Terrain Feature Properties panel changes color of features if you select multiple features with different colors and then change a non-color property.
9.0.146 Terrain Fixed an issue RoadEng would not detect an Arrow GPS that was connected to a high COM port number. Location Vertical Optimization: new control point Tolerance Below not implemented correctly (uses Tolerance Above instead). Location Feature Properties panel, status area display of Fwd. Leg items show incorrect values if you have selected a TIN point as the current point. Location Template overrides corrupted on save/re-open when there are multiple horizontal alignments. Terrain Plan ribbon, Edit Comment not working. Location Export LANDXml Alignment names not preserved. Location Multiplot crash when window missing. Terrain Thinning options for DEM data on import.
9.0.0 All  GPS Location services not updating.
9.0.0 All  Memory leak fix.
9.0.0 All Hi Res screen fixes.
9.0.0 Location Multi-Plot terrain sub-views do not display TERX files correctly.
9.0.0 Terrain Livemaps DEM import.
9.0.0 Location Location new HA then cancel.
9.0.0 Terrain Terrain Features Panel: status forward leg values incorrect.
9.0.0 Terrain DWG Symbols.  Allows more than 20 vertices.
9.0.0 Location Auto curve generate: finish horizontal.
9.0.0 Terrain Dlines bug fix: New/Edit dlg - lose values when press Calculation Parameters button.
9.0.0 Location Multile alignment re-calculation.
9.0.0 Terrain GPS cursor issues while in edit mode.
9.0.0 Terrain     GPS serial port query issues.
9.0.0 All NMEA strings being rejected.
9.0.0 Terrain Export features to Terrain boundary issues.
9.0.0 Survey Survey/Map not reading US Survey in feet.
9.0.0 Location Export to Terrain/LandXML multiple layers.
9.0.0 Terrain TIN Operations, drape, boundary, and watershed calculation.
9.0.0 Location Crash when template parameter is deleted. 
9.0.0 Terrain, Location Fix for export to Avenza maps, removing extra newline in write to prj file.
9.0.0 Terrain Bug fix for external regions toggle on multi select filtering.