Release Notes

Enhancements Terrain DWG libraries updated All Grid (Plan, Profile, Section) support for decimals. Location Vertical alignment optimization added. Terrain Seperate colors and feature names added for grading slope lines Softree Opt New algorithm added: Continuous with Tangents v2 (see new example). Discrete algorithm removed. Softree Opt Document and example files updated. (C:\Users\Public\Documents\softree\roadeng\Data\Samples) Softree Opt Option to omit insert of curve boundary at control point. Softree Opt Movement costs: added maximum grade value (to prevent uphill push) Softree Opt New calculation method added: Use Network Model in advanced options tab Softree Opt Curve constraints: Sag/Crest independent K values Location Next/Prev Stn Buttons in Template Editor Terrain Speed Improvements in Terrain Points and Features window Terrain Feature Selection by Crossing Breakline Property All Measure Tool Improvements (additional info, add function to Template Editor). Location Currency: allow user to set desired currency in Module-Setup ($, Pounds, Euros, etc.) Softree Opt Control points/pits, allow station="start" or "end" as option (in case user changes length of alignment). Softree Opt Maximum non-pit haul distance added Softree Opt Panel alignments list: add shift up/down Softree Opt Status area: items added, modified. Location LandXML multiple profiles: can now choose from list. Softree Opt Add new profile sub-view for earth movement (haul) visualization (not complete) Softree Opt Allow pits to have required borrow waste (Source, Sink) volumes to simulate saving/using material for/from outside sources (i.e. other alignments) Softree Opt Balance line display (added to Alignment display options) Softree Opt Control points display option (added to Alignment display options) Softree Opt Haul cost (in Ground Types table) freehaul and overhaul distances now calculated from costs (see F1 help) Softree Opt Set current now merges alignment with existing (instead of deleting vertical alignment outside of range) Softree Opt Statistics output: average haul, etc. (set Export Mass Movement check box in options Advanced tab - then look in folder on hard drive with same name as document) Softree Opt UI to allow user to set pit elevation (if different from station) Softree Opt Vertical band limits alignment? Warn user! Softree Opt Add fixed interval to General tab, points selection (independent of point selection list) Softree Opt Custom labels: attributes added. Softree Opt Labels for accumulated slope distance added. Softree Opt Haul display in Profile sub-views mostly finished. Softree Opt Statistics added to output area - beta. Softree Opt Vertical band graphic modified to include other constraints. Softree Opt New costraints added: Overland, Full bench cut, Side-cast Softree Opt Polyline option added (no vertical curves) Softree Opt Haul graphic improved and haul data export to file added. Softree Opt Current optimized alignment items always displayed in Profile (in magenta) when selected. Softree Opt New user interface for selecting haul costs . Softree Opt Vertical Band display enhanced to show before optimization. Softree Opt More Special constraints added. Softree Opt Profile window hover tooltip shows information about current optimized alignment. Softree Opt Two solver options added to work around errors (Alignment tab). Softree Opt R-Cost available for optimized alignments and current alignment. Softree Opt File-Save-As Haul Table improved. Softree Opt Features added to keep the assigned Borrow/Waste amounts up to date with the current allignment cost pit quantities. Location Pipe bend angle labels added. Location, Terrain Multi-Plot sub-view item locking added. Location Multi-Plot option to display extra leading zeros in page numbers. No user interface yet; set PageFormatCharacters in Softree.ini (usually C:\ProgramData\Softree\RoadEng\softtree.ini). Softree Opt Allow copy of results table to clipboard (right click menu) Softree Opt Grade exclusion range for tangents. For example -8.0% < grade < -0.5% and 0.5% < grade < 8.0%. Softree Opt Help for errors/warnings. All 3D Window speed improvements (beta) set OpenGLflag=1 in your C:\ProgramData\Softree\RoadEng\softree.ini file. This may limit the maximum number of points that can be triangulated. Location Turn off fast draping option added to Module-Setup, Alignment tab (allows use of sub-horizon surfaces that do not cross the centerline). Softree Opt Results Log added to optimization options. Location DWG, DGN export: moved station range into main dialog box. Now Multi-Plot export is filtered by station range too. Terrain Mouse Rotate in Move/Size mode (plan, profile windows). Softree Opt Right Click in panel to copy haul report to clipboard. Location Compound ground types added. Terrain & Location 3D Window:Transparency available for surface representaion (use extended color editor). Terrain 3D Window: tooltips added, line display enhanced, redraw on selection change, background options added to Options. Terrain 3D Window: selection of features now possible. Softree Opt Min curve length and min tangent length independent (Variable Curves and Tangents). Softree Opt Option added to allow optimization using existing curve locations (Tangent/curve boundaries at current profile). Softree Opt User control of summary list contents added. Softree Opt Pit open cost added. Softree Opt Constraints display added before Optimization; option top "soften" constraints added. Softening constraints will usually find a solution to a previously infeasable problem and provide feedback as to the infeasable constraint. Softree Opt Current alignment is now part of the vertical alignments list. All 3D window improvements. Location 3D options menu has a dialog that allow users to control what is exported to 3D window. Location Changed alignment data structure to enable faster 3D update and other future speed improvements. Uses more memory - softree.ini flag to disable. Beta! Terrain Simplify function changed to include smoothing. Terrain 3D drivethrough enhanced. Terrain 3D display of non-surface points (point cloud) enhanced  (beta). Softree Opt Compare checkbox added to Alignments panel - comparison between current and selected alignment now uses columns. Softree Opt Items for display enhanced, more to come. All New Ground Table item defaults to selected (costs too) Softree Opt Allow multiple vertical alignments and comparison for RoadEng users. Softree Opt Add optimality gap to avaiable list items. Softree Opt Geometric feasability tester added (beta). Location Ground editor: Indicate if ground type is used. Softree Opt Items added optimization display list including optimization time stamp. Softree Opt Re-cost now always uses same points as other RoadEng volumes; Mass Hual and overflow/underflow should always match. Softree Opt Pits tab: Modify Station button added (double click works too). Softree Opt Check for conflicts in constraints added to Optimizer Options dialogue box. Softree Opt Document updated.

Bug Fixes Terrain Insert File crash: when "all supported " extension list too long Location Stripping missing if applied only to one side Softree Opt Catch non-increasing haul costs in ground edit dialog box Softree Opt General options tab: make changes to description or vertical range (or other) then move the Accuracy slider, lose changes Softree Opt Set Current curve conversion bug: "curve too big to fit tangents" - intermittent Location Import land xml not working with overturns in cross sections. All Alaska state plane zone 1 origin wrong (negative northing values) - incorporated GDAL 1.10.0 to fix Location Add fixed sections outside of topo surface messes up all fixed cross sections Location Culverts drawn upsidedown if left length less than zero (culvert doesn't cross centerline) Location Import land xml not working with overturns in cross sections. Location new Location from a LandXML alignment (with cross sections), silently fails if the alignment falls off the OG Terrain Terrain DWG read bug: curves appear in the wrong place. Terrain TIF reads in all blue - possibly a non-standard image created by ESRI Softree Opt Adjust curve boundaries to honor min curve length (where possible). Softree Opt No warning if alignment does not include station of control point Softree Opt Spurious "Station ranges do not match" error Location Fixed Section Codes (new codes not in template) not displaying in Plan, Profile and Section Location Duplicate Codes appearing in Add Template Codes dialog Location Panels not updating after Module setup change (units, digits after decimal, etc.) Softree Opt Adjust stations of pits, control points and constraints with H. alignment Softree Opt Error handling: Out of memory crashes, other errors not reported properly Softree Opt Ground type add: haul costs set to zero Softree Opt No temp folders if turn off "export mass movement" Softree Opt Profile print and multi-plot: no display of optimal alignments Softree Opt Set document modified if Softree Optimal options etc. modifed Softree Opt Spurious error "Control point at station %f does not lie between two existing stations." Softree Opt Warning displayed for every iteration of convergence analysis Softree Opt Status area not updating properly Terrain LandXML: crash if read surface with no faces. Softree Opt "Problem too large" warning should not pop up for current alignment General options. Softree Opt Set Current: afterwards, current alignment cost uses the optimized profile, not the location profile Softree Opt Spurious error reports removed. Confusing error text improved. Softree Opt Crash drawing bitmap hatches if screen color depth set to 16bits. There is a possibility that an old bug has been re-introduced: incorrect hatch colors on print. Terrain Long feature names cause crash on save. Terrain Terrain plan crash on zoom in if unconnected multi-point feautres displayed (LiDAR for example). Also not all points displayed depending on zoom. only. Terrain P-Line L-Line projection fails. This can cause hangs if the user tries to draw P-Line station features with custom dashed linetypes. Location Culvert ditch override taper zone incorrect. Location Mass haul volumes slightly incorrect when plan and profile points coincident. Location Terrain TOPO triangles out of date or missing: no warning when open Location design (if P-Line traverse exists). Softree Opt After long use, application draws incorrectly and eventually crashes. Location Speed Key Ctrl-F opens dialog box if Profile window current (should do auto balance on current section). Softree Opt Haul graph print fails. Softree Opt Import old GND file - get garbage costs. Softree Opt Better error messages required. Softree Opt Crash if close Alignments panel with items displayed in Profile window. Softree Opt Haul costs for current alignment not up-to-date on file open. All Using second monitor, dialog boxes often pop up in main monitor. Terrain KML read more than one file (sequential or together) -> crash. Softree Opt Control points, using existing alignment leads to inconsistent values. Softree Opt Special, Earth movement direction constraint not working properly. Softree Opt Ground Types, Movement costs some edit boxes should not be enabled. Softree Opt On cancel, error message should read "cancelled" not "failed". Softree Opt Recalc cost on open should only happen if there is something to recalculate. Can cause software to hang. Softree Opt Re-cost current -> optimal gets out of date so comparison fails. Softree Opt Set Current -> optimal gets set out of date. Softree Opt Set mass haul distances error (ground types dlg, prompt after set haul costs): if one or more distances undefined, should set values to something other than 0.0. The distances must be increasing in the Mass Haul options dialog box. Softree Opt Update BW assignment not working for re-cost? Need to re-calc MassHaul object. Softree Opt Costs not stable due to point selection issues Softree Opt Items out of date that shouldn't be. Softree Opt Automatic assign borrow/waste puts multiple items at same station and description too long. Softree Opt Set current shoulld update station range. Softree Opt Too many warning popups. Compound last three warning popups into one final one. Softree Opt Recalc cost on open should only happen if there is something to recalculate and the Alignments panel is open. Location LandXML Vertical alignment starts outside station range of Horizontal alignment. Unable to import Vertical alignment. Location Stripping issues fixed. Softree Opt Horizontal alignment modification: doesn't update all optimization options stations. Softree Opt Horizontal alignment modification Undo: doesn't restore optimization options stations. All 3D Window, print, export to image and Multi-Plot not working. All 3D Window, out of memory displaying large models. Location LandXML import alignment - does not set design speed or super elevaytion on horizontal curves - use the default from the template table. Softree Opt New optimal alignment: simplify new name. Softree Opt Tangent Insertion mode: some tangents replaced by curves with very large K. Softree Opt Spurious errors removed. Softree Opt Pits and Control points: remove dynamic elevation (dependant on current alignment). Softree Opt Recost accurate hangs if alignment falls off model (even with bridge assigned). Softree Opt Re-cost current alignment, unnecessary re-calculation. Softree Opt Re-cost current alignment, should not take place when opening a Location design with no optimization panel. Location LandXML alignment: can't read vertical if extends beyond horizontal. Location LandXML horizontal curve import fails if curve delta >= 180 Location Mouse edit of Horizontal IP not possible when IP is far from curve and close to another section of road. Location Stripping below layer 1 (near center line on steep side hill) Location Slope in ratio mode, tooltip for template leg slope is displayed as % or ratio, but % symbol is always displayed. Terrain 3d window: drape image shows stiching lines at tile boundaries. Softree Opt Colors wrong when printing optimal haul graph (text same color as last drawn optimal profile) Softree Opt Large symbols on optimal haul graph misleading. Softree Opt Spurious re-cost on screen layout read even if Alignment Panel was already up. Softree Opt "Encountered improper argument" error mousing over profile window (tooltip bug). Location Export to Terrain, any panel updates repeatedly (like 1000's of times). Terrain Comments (survey) label missing from radial shot after Survey Notes file import. Terrain Open DGN file crashes Terrain. Terrain/
Crash on touch screen devices closing last panel window (also can happen on file open, new and retrieve screen layout) Softree Opt Control points: change display so that elevation tolerance is clear when compined with vertical band. Softree Opt Control points: grade not shown if elevation not defined. Softree Opt Force pre-process on all optimal alignments after Set Current. Softree Opt No error if user creates station range bigger than actual alignmnet. Causes "Control point outside of band" error. Softree Opt Help for Haul Cost Edit dialog: missing images. Location Profile output rescale not working for export to DWG single wide page (not sampled often enough). Survey Crash on open extended side shot editor (only on some devices). Terrain Can't edit when measure mode is pending in Profile (plan works OK). Softree Opt Station range not right after alignment truncated. Softree Opt Progress box on wrong screeen sometimes. Softree Opt Multiple spurious warning for constraint exceded (for example minimum fill). Location Ground Type editor: embankment cost getting set to zero on multiple select Location Tree lists (template editor and optimization control dlg COptControlDlg) have items that look like links when you mouse over (but the links don't work) Softree Opt Arbitrary curve constraint removed. Some back-to-back curve solutions may not have been optimal. Softree Opt Error messages sometimes not clear. Work is ongoing on this front. Softree Opt Selected alignment profile doesn't always draw correctly (especially if there are some curves and some simple VIP points) Softree Opt Set current should prompt to merge or replace if not full range (default to merge) Softree Opt Simple or Forestry costing: Optimal Haul graph shows same material going both ways. Softree Opt Various user interface fixes. All Ground types editor (other places too) ratio not updated when change slope percent. Softree Opt Default borrow pit: no preference for cheaper cut material. Softree Opt New vertical alignment, copy current alignment into Profile. Softree Opt Open old file or read old RoadEng.gnd, costs should default to something reasonable (read out of Normal.gdx). Softree Opt New location design: default K factors set to 0.0 Softree Opt Costs wrong for simplified model (embankment cost set to the excavation cost). Terrain Always get 10 digits after decimal in display of distance values in Status and Points windows (probably elsewhere too) Softree Opt Add Control point: start/end should refer to station range of optimization (not horizontal alignment) Softree Opt Change of alignment, options, should set the Pre-Process check box. Change of discretization or range should force Pre-Process. Softree Opt Composite material should not be allowed for borrow pit. Softree Opt Cost wrong: for active alignment after modify from optimal, if calculated as current (uses optimized profile, which is still displayed) Softree Opt Display when not selected flag should default OFF for new files and opeing old files (pre Softree Opt new alignment, doesn't change name Softree Opt new alignment, gets wrong profile sometimes (always current) Softree Opt optimized alignments break the grade range constraints (Standards tab). Softree Opt Overflow/underflow: report warning and volume after re-cost Softree Opt Overflow/underflow: separate items in panel list Softree Opt recost discretization copied into optimization options Softree Opt profile truncated incorrectly near end if in curve. Softree Opt spurious warning on re-cost all: "The discretization may be too coarse…" Location Various crashes caused by running out of memory for large Location designs ( only) Softree Opt Control point add: select start or end, for partial optimization, station resets to start/end of horizontal alignment. Softree Opt After Set Current, costs always out of date. Softree Opt Allow set current for empty profile. Softree Opt If re-cost spacing changed, need to recalculate all (or volumes and mass haul out of date) Softree Opt Optimize cost (and optimal haul) calculation wrong for current alignment. OK after manual re-cost. Terrain Volume calculation crashes. "...improper argument..." error message. Terrain Mode toolbar image not right. Terrain Grading dialogue box, drop down for background Terrains too small. Softree Opt Costs out of date right after re-cost if spacing is changed. Softree Opt No error report on solver failed (log is OK). Softree Opt Options General tab: when Station Range All is unchecked, try to change the From value, the cursor jumps (type 45 get 54.000). Softree Opt Options General and Standards tabs: Invalid Field error pops up when typing. Softree Opt Separate logs for cost and optimize (so re-cost doesn't write over optimization log) Softree Opt Variable curves and tangents: user control for curve base length Softree Opt Various help and error message updates. All Grid (axis) labels not centered when read old file/screen layout (and grid lines off). Location New horizontal alignment points: elevations wrong; should be on ground ( only). Softree Opt Alignment panel: text area not always big enough - need scroll bar. Softree Opt Special constraints: help doesn't always work with F1 key. Softree Opt Vertical band displayed incorrectly. Terrain Plan Options, Surface, Tin Shading options: AutoGen now merges with existing instead of deleting existing. Plus prevent bad ranges. Softree Opt Duplicate text (multiple saves) appears in TR1 or DS2 file after save to network. Rare, intermittent. Softree Opt Direction constraint, garbage text in ranges list. Softree Opt Crash when open older design while updating 3d display lists. Softree Opt Should be no need for pre-process after full feasibility check. Softree Opt Conflict detection improved, errors fixed. Softree Opt Process dialog changed to include feasibilty and two alignment options. Right click menu re-organized too.