Release Notes


Version Module Type Description


Terrain Enhancement Speed Improvement in 3D Regen
10.0.161 Location Enhancement Profile curves information sub-windows added
10.0.153 All Enhancement Prompt for cloud license users to return on exit.
10.0.12 Location Enhancement Cross Section numeric display enhancements: banding 
10.0.12 Terrain Enhancement Support for reading more ASCII file encoding formats
10.0 Location Enhancement Project Explorer - selected alignment visibility improvements
10.0 Location Enhancement Allow template parameters to transition to full super-elevation
10.0 Terrain Enhancement Watershed / drainage display
10.0 Terrain Enhancement Drape on external Terrain (TIN Operations)
10.0 Optimal Enhancement V.Opt: Allow sample at Profile points 
10.0 Terrain, Location Enhancement 3D window speed improvement, now uses video card
10.0 Terrain Enhancement Watershed - save as grid function
10.0 Location Enhancement Plan window shading of multiple attributes (eg. grade & curvature)
10.0 Location Enhancement Template library: In-Pit Bench component (constant elevation benches)