Release Notes

Version Module Type Description
10.0.668 Location Enhancement Template Point Grade %
10.0.668 Location Enhancement Template Point Length
10.0.668 Location Enhancement Spanish E-library AlphaTest restriction removed
10.0.663 Location Bug Fix Croatian Localization Issues
10.0.658 All Bug Fix Resource leak on display of Terrain with Transparent enabled image. Also causes memory leak on Save As Avenza or Save As Screen Capture (image).  
10.0.656 Location Bug Fix Display of "Borrow/Waste Sites" attributes intermittent; sometimes display nothing, sometimes "Multiple", sometimes the correct value.
10.0.653 All Bug Fix COR_ENABLE_PROFILING environment variable causes software crash silently on start. 
10.0.648 Terrain Bug Fix Geotiff import pixel offset issues.
10.0.648 Terrain  Bug Fix Geotiff export compatibility issues with HEC-RAS.
10.0.647 Location Bug Fix Multi-Plot print (and preview) skips "this page only" sub-views unless a page is selected in the tree control. Selecting a chapter or the Book root will prevent proper printing.
10.0.646 Terrain Bug Fix Cancel in TIN generation causes hang.
10.0.646 Location Bug Fix

LandXML Crash with many reference surfaces.

10.0.646 Location Bug Fix Reference surface compatibility with future versions.
10.0.646 Terrain Bug Fix

Speed improvement reading shape files.

10.0.645 Location Bug Fix Spurious black boundary lines and dots on section displayed after turn on Plan shading.
10.0.644 Terrain Bug Fix Support added for commas in file names and folders.
10.0.644 Location Enhancement LandXML Error Message
10.0.638 Terrain,
Bug fix If save on exit fails audit (sometimes happens when saving to remote location with poor connection), program closes anyway. Close operation now aborts to allow re-save or save-as.
10.0.633 Terrain Bug Fix Auto-balance surplus volume not working in imperial units.
10.0.630 Location Enhancement Installed default ground table (Normal.GDX) expansion/compaction factors modified. This will only affect new RoadEng installs; this file is not modified when updating an existing install.
10.0.629 All Enhancement Application icons updated to include version number. Useful if older version still installed.
10.0.628 Terrain Bug Fix Feature Tools - Simplify/Smooth: Smooth distorts elevation on 3D features.
10.0.628 Terrain Bug Fix Feature Tools - Simplify/Smooth: Tolerance parameter is ignored when Smooth is selected.
10.0.627 Location Bug Fix Template component Connection dialog box offset parameter sign modifier (+, -) confusing.
10.0.627 Location Bug Fix It should not be possible to modify the coordinate system (projection and units). They are defined by the TOPO surface file.
10.0.625 Terrain Bug Fix

Support for negative valued DEM data

10.0.625 Terrain  Enhancement

Support Unicode (non-ANSI) file names (LAS and SHP)

10.0.613 Location Bug Fix Intermittent crash in Plan shading options when try to Remove Attribute shading range.
10.0.607 Location  Bug Fix Ref Terrain Symbol and Linetype not saved
10.0.607 Location, Terrain Enhancement Better warning message and help when "Modern OpenGL failed to initialize" (3D).
10.0.604 Terrain Bug Fix 3D window rendering issues - with older version OpenGL
10.0.579 All Bug Fix Temporary files not deleted (since 10.0.520). Files of format C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\SFT*.tmp (usually zero bytes).
10.0.579 Location Enhancement File - Save-As, Google Earth Format (*.kmz) does not show any options before export. Should behave similar to Home - Export.
10.0.571 Terrain  Enhancement

Support for importing ASCII field book format (FBK).

10.0.520 All Bug Fix After long sessions, resource leak breaks context menus (items missing from popup menu) and prevents save if untitled (File Save dialog box won't open). Can also cause crash. Close and re-open module fixes problem.
10.0.489 Location Bug Fix User defined between station attributes (usually volume) may be incorrect and may cause other volumes to be incorrect also. This bug fix negates the enhancement from 10.0.251.
10.0.479 Terrain Bug Fix View ribbon Screen layouts Retrieve button prompts to Delete File(s) instead. 
10.0.477 Location Bug Fix Multi-plot crash after deleting a Data window or Plan Window.
10.0.476 Location Bug Fix Original ground target for template incorrect when previous "Merge into topo surface" corridor surface has multiple intersections.
10.0.475 Terrain Bug Fix Context menus don't work after turn off display of all items in 3D window.


Bug Fix After reading a screen layout, the notes window requires a re-size to display columns properly.
10.0.452 Terrain Bug Fix 3D window causes crash if turn off display of all items.
10.0.447 Terrain, Location Bug Fix Save-As Avenza and Save-As Image (Screen Capture) from Multi-Plot: Fixed georeferecing using FEET units.
10.0.447 Terrain, Location Enhancement Save-As Avenza and Save-As Image (Screen Capture) resolution options improvement.
10.0.443 Location Bug Fix Crash opening 3D window. Video card dependant (some versions of Intel Iris XE Graphics family).
10.0.431 Terrain, Location Known Issue Save-As Avenza and Save-As Image (Screen Capture) from Multi-Plot not georefereced if using FEET units.
10.0.431 Terrain, Location Bug Fix Issues with Save-As Avenza and Save-As Image (Screen Capture) resolved.
10.0.390 Terrain, Location Known Issue Avenza export from Location crash on Cancel. Avenza export from Terrain or Location Multi-Plot NOT georeferenced properly. To work around: open project in V9 and Save-As, Avenza from there. (Since 10.0.362.)
10.0.380 Location Bug Fix Labels created from user defined attributes do not always display. And, crash if user defined attribute function is deleted.
10.0.379 Location Bug Fix Location hangs on open (rare). Example created by Multi-Plot Rectangles with large text items (>4000 characters). 
10.0366 Location Enhancement Interactive creation of corridor surfaces
10.0.362 Location Bug Fix Save to CSV - If a csv file is unwritable, roadeng now reports the failure (instead of failing silently)
10.0.362 Terrain Enhancement Avenza Terrain Export – added the ability to export Terrain multiplot view to avenza file
10.0.354 Location Bug Fix Some design files have the "K=" vertical curvature missing from Profile curve labels.
10.0.353 Terrain Bug Fix

Font Label issue – Access labels – user-configured fonts are not correctly updated in terrain plan and profile views

10.0.353 Terrain Enhancement Setup - Terrain Setup, Projections tab, Edit Projection dialog box ("+" button) now allows open/save from/to PRJ projection files.
10.0.351 Location Enhancement Auto-generate horizontal curves enhanced to include radius rounding, minimum delta and max/min radius.
10.0.346 Terrain Enhancement New (and previously deleted)  import/export formats will automatically appear in the open/save-as file lists. Unwanted formats can be removed using Setup-Module Setup, Import or Export tabs.
10.0.342 Terrain Enhancement Enable users to add/edit a feature line directly in the 3D view
10.0.326 Location Enhancement Projection/Units mismatch now detected in more situations.
10.0.326 Location Bug Fix Template editor, Materials dialog: Replaceable check box disabled.
10.0.320 Location Bug Fix Profile sub-windows Horizontal and Vertical Curves: some options not modifiable
10.0.319 Location Enhancement Insert alignments from DSN, DSNX file added. File - Insert and Home - Insert File.


All Enhancement Setup - Check for Updates and auto updater enabled. 
10.0.316 Location Bug fix Culverts missing from duplicated alignment (Corridor - Add - Horizontal Alignment)
10.0.316 Location Enhancement Option added to export multi-page Multi-Plot to a single CAD file.
10.0.312 All Enhancement All applications will now use the Ribbon interface; Toolbar/Menu mode has been removed.
10.0.311 Terrain Enhancement Improved image geo-referencing by vectors including translation, rotation, and optional scaling
10.0.311 Terrain Enhancement

Move / Size / Rotate by Vectors

10.0.299 Terrain Enhancement Terrain can now read projection info from LiDAR LAS/LAZ files.
10.0.292 All Bug fix Intermittent crash when using Screen Layouts drop down in View ribbon. Only occurs when large amounts of RAM in use.
10.0.285 Terrain Enhancement 3d Symbols - load OBJ file symbols
10.0.285 Terrain Bug Fix Fixed issue of unexpected white lines/shadow in 3D
10.0.285 Terrain Enhancement Enable lightings of the facet(front and back)
10.0.285 Terrain Enhancement Allow break out of slow repaint
10.0.285 Locatoin Bug fix Opti-haul volume totals not correct.
10.0.285 Location Bug fix HA selection not working
10.0.285 Location Enhancement Re-cost speed improvements
10.0.285 Location Bug fix Double Click Crash in Project Explorer Panel
10.0.285 Terrain Enhancement Wrap UI
10.0.277 Location Bug fix Slow Project Explorer status and dependencies update with large number of alignments.
10.0.255 Location Enhancement Location file direct export to shape. 
10.0.251 Location Enhancement User defined attributes: To be as accurate as possible, Between stn. attributes are calculated between all design points         in a displayed range and these incremental values are summed for display.
10.0.246 All Bug fix Progress box always-on monitor one
10.0.239 All Bug fix Labels dialog box minor bug fixes
10.0.217 Location Enhancement Profile sub-windows height can now be specified in mm or inches (as well as characters).
10.0.200 Location Enhancement Various multi-plot improvements including better snap to grid and option to set total pages.
10.0.198 Terrain Enhancement Support for Image Transparency
10.0.195 Location Bug fix Fix issue caused by single character ground types
10.0.166 Terrain Enhancement Terrain Modelling - Generate dialog box improvments, including more automated contour ranges and optional thinning of contours.


Terrain Enhancement Speed Improvement in 3D Regen
10.0.161 Location Enhancement Profile curves information sub-windows added
10.0.153 All Enhancement Prompt for cloud license users to return on exit.
10.0.12 Location Enhancement Cross Section numeric display enhancements: banding 
10.0.12 Terrain Enhancement Support for reading more ASCII file encoding formats
10.0 Location Enhancement Project Explorer - selected alignment visibility improvements
10.0 Location Enhancement Allow template parameters to transition to full super-elevation
10.0 Terrain Enhancement Watershed / drainage display
10.0 Terrain Enhancement Drape on external Terrain (TIN Operations)
10.0 Optimal Enhancement V.Opt: Allow sample at Profile points 
10.0 Terrain, Location Enhancement 3D window speed improvement, now uses video card
10.0 Terrain Enhancement Watershed - save as grid function
10.0 Location Enhancement Plan window shading of multiple attributes (eg. grade & curvature)
10.0 Location Enhancement Template library: In-Pit Bench component (constant elevation benches)