Release Notes

Enhancements All Non-Beta release. All Runs on WinXP. Softree Opt Side-cast subtractred from Mass Haul. Softree Opt Haul graph output file - option to aggregate station ranges. Softree Opt Add "pit borrow" and "pit waste" to the information list available items. Softree Opt Quick Profile added: creates a smoothed ground line based on optimizer constraints and standards - available to RoadEng licenses. Softree Opt "User defined" alignment specification added to Standards: keeps current alignment VIP and curve locations (preserves curve length) during optimization. Loction Pits dialogue box replaces old Borrow/Waste assignments. Loction Re-Cost check box added to Recalculate all dialogue box. Loction Mass Haul, Optimal haul graphics, show faded (washed out) if out of date. Loction Profile graphics show faded (washed out) if another alignment is selected in the Alignment panel. Terrain Grading: basic templates enabled (beta - not suitable for inside corners). Softree Opt. Profile hover tip (tooltip) improved to include pits and other items. Softree Opt. Tutorial and help files updated. Location Multi-Plot allows more than one Profile sub-view; added pagination to deal with two or more Profiles per page. Softree Opt. Tolerances added to Module-Setup, units tab. Used for ignoring small constraint violations in Softree Optimal. Softree Opt. Auto station ranges based on side slope for a) Full bench cut constraint b) Min cut depth constraint c) Side-cast constraint. Softree Opt. Auto station ranges based on average ground line grade for haul direction constraint. Softree Opt. Enhancements to Alignments panel tree display. Softree Opt. Optional constraints violations check in re-cost. This allows you to see quickly if a design is within standards. Softree Opt. Constraints display in Profile more informative (select contratins in Alignments panel tree display). Softree Opt. Show actual volume in pits dialog box (if solution exists). Survey ASCII format (*.IPD) added for iPad Survey App (beta). All Added warning when you open a file saved from version 8.0 or greater.

Bug Fixes Location H Curves button missing from windows tool bar. Location OB not in available list for Mass Haul material selection. Terrain Merge Terrain: stray destination feature left over after merge. Terrain Select by boundary misses a feature if "retain selected features" checked. Softree Opt Borrow pit material wrong if choose any material after composite in table. Softree Opt Pits dialogue box: re-arrange and change some terminology. Softree Opt Prompt to re-calc all after pits modification in current alignment options. Softree Opt Optimization control dialogue box: constraints hard/soft indicator wrong sometimes. Softree Opt Volumes error (usually small) in re-cost for long roads with multiple mataerial. Location Move last vertical alignment point, get "Horizontal alignment does not contain all points - Vertical alignment may be removed.", then last VIP is removed and the horizontal alignment is shortened. Location, Terrain Multi-Plot Legend Options, Items dialog box font on text in list too small.. Location, Terrain Report Point Properties list and Terrain surface shading list: font too large (small too sometimes) for line spacing (Laptop with high res screen). Terrain 3D window: Not redrawing selected ftrs correctly. Softree Opt change "discretization" -> "sampling" (dialog boxes, help and tree list) Softree Opt error on update menu for Multi-plot: "Record has too many characters. Check that the end of record delimiter is specified correctly (i.e. \n instead of \n\r)." (depends on contents of clipboard) Softree Opt Optimal Haul graphic not visible of no Alignments panel Softree Opt Optimal Haul Table output: hard to understand Softree Opt Options dialog, General tab, uncheck all, try to change the Start/End for the optimization range, we get this annoying cursor issue where it sets itself at the front after typing the first number Softree Opt Sidecast with optimization that is subset of the length of the road -> crashing Softree Opt Undo Set Current doesn't redraw alignment list correctly (shows two current alignments) Location Profile sub-windows not working - anything after Mass Haul or Optimal Haul is blank (since version Location, Terrain Multi-Plot Legend Options, Items dialog: items ALL black after any action by user. (since version Location, Terrain Multi-Plot sub-view options: locking drop down not big enough. Terrain Merge TIN: change default hull offset to 0.01 (from 0.001). Small hull offset sometimes causes crossing hull-s and hull-d breaklines. Terrain Import GPX, GML, MapInfo fails. Location Save-As Google earth crash. Remove from release until fixed. Location Optimal Haul graphic: sidecast hover tip (tooltip) crash. All Change so that screen layouts that have just been installed will "enable all permitted", instead of doing nothing. Location, Terrain 3D window, large model: long pauses, sometimes with hourglass, during simple operations. All Samples and tutorial files get mixed up with version 6 installs; append "70" on new folders. Location Export Multi-Plot to DWG with start page > 1 generates one or more junk DWG files with page number less than start page. All License not Found wizard: I would like to purchace button -> bad link. All Some samples require Softree Optimal function group for no reason. Location Fixed section window docked in panel: can't see top right buttons unless widen panel. All 3D window: cancel out of some non-3d functions (move size?) -> extents undefined -> no 3D display. All 3D window: Large mem leak and error message box (mem alloc failed) sometimes. All 3D window: user selected explicit re-build -> no TIN rebuild (sometimes). All Digits after decimal < 0 will cause problems . All Multi-Plot Legend, can't turn off bounding rectangle. Install Old version 6 Survey_Map shortcut remains on desktop after install. Location Bad template component in Library: RoadWay/Lane applies super twice. Location Wrong digits after decimal (decimals) for grades. Location, Survey Open ground table fails if extension not upper case (gdx fails, GDX OK). Location, Terrain Multi-Plot, image sub-views: if border is visible, it is always rounded with radius 4mm (after file or screen layout open). Terrain Simplify always removes all but first and last point for closed features. Terrain Move/Size/Rotate: sometimes only rotate cursor available if the bulk of the selected rectangle is off the screen (zoomed in). Fix by setting maximum rotate border size. Terrain Move/Size/Rotate: sometimes only move cursor available if the border of the selected rectangle is off the screen (zoomed in). Fix by switching to rotate mode with the Ctrl key. V.Opt Control points elevation and grade rounded. V.Opt Feasibility fails for no reason, rare.. V.Opt Optimized alignment doesn't meet grade specs, rare. V.Opt Options, General tab, sample spacing: can't type a decimal point first (no easy way to enter 0.5m spacing). V.Opt Options, General tab, Station Range: type ".." instantly turns into end station (this is only ok if enough digits after decimal). V.Opt Spurious warnings for PolyLine curves mode (station 0.0 is the first station): "WARNING- No maximum grade break (sag) for line starting at station 0.00." and "WARNING- No maximum grade break (crest) for line starting at station 0.00.". V.Opt Various Help file updates. Location Hang on select last Fixed Section or on open design; rare. Location Horizontal curve panel: Arc Length should be Distance accuracy (digits after decimal), not Directions. Location Profile Areas graphic sub-window not working properly with Fixed Cross Sections. Location Spurious re-cost and optimal haul calculation on open designs with no Alignment Properties Panel or Optimal Haul window. Terrain Tool bar Mode Tools wrong height (too tall). V.Opt Ground table with composite materials not readable by older version 7 applications. V.Opt Design with fixed cross sections hangs on open or hangs when jump to last fixed section. Rare. V.Opt Re-Cost with standards check crash. Only if Options-Standards Min. Tangent grade (%) is violated. Location Decimals on P-line survey stations not adjustable (always 1). Location Export large alignment sections to LandXML causes crash. Location Ground line in cross sections wrong (all the same) occurs in P-Line only design where at least one P-Line cross section does not cross the L-Line. Rare. Terrain 3D Window Plan Drape no warning if number of tiles is huge. V.Opt Quick profile should report constraint violations to log if constraint is softened. V.Opt Feasibility is writing the standards and control points violations for the hidden profile it creates, it should not. . V.Opt Feasibility passes if constraint is softened but there is no indication that constraint is softened (and that the design is really still infeasible) . V.Opt Some projects fail to optimimize with no explanation (caused by numerical instability). V.Opt Constraint ranges: auto-generate crashes ( only ). V.Opt Export Optimal Haul to clipboard: costs summary heading not right "direction" should read "haul" V.Opt Optimal Haul hover tip (tooltip) not right (imperial units only): shows different flow values for "All" and sum of components (All is less than sum ). V.Opt Optimal Haul hover tips: box not big enough for text, arrows, pit symbols don't always work (depends on font). Optimal Haul and Mass Haul, tips fall off edge of window. V.Opt Crash in conflict checker if control point grade exceeds standards. V.Opt Open older project with alignment Standards set to Curves and Tangents [slow] get bad options: Min Tangent Length value set to 0.0 (and disabled); and Process gives bad results. Work around by changing to/from another combo box selection (e.g. Curves [fast]). V.Opt Optimizer finds unbalanced solution because default pit is cheaper than cutting material from the roadway. only; never released. Location Profile grid using font from Plan window Terrain Crash on save; rare, after deleting opne of multiple 3D windows. V.Opt Process dialogue box: disabled and inaccurate Hard/Soft radio buttons should be removed (now controlled in the Alignment panel tree context menu). All Multi-Plot: Spurious shuffle when select locked sub-view. Terrain Very slow DEM read (LiDAR data for example). Terrain Unable to disable section label. Terrain ASCII format (*.IPD) reader not reading last shot on the right. V.Opt Vertical band display for Full Bench constraint incorrect. Survey/Map "Invalid Argument" error saving and opening files in Survey/Map module on Windows 10. Intermittent. Terrain Not Geo-referencing SID and JP2 images correctly when a world file is not present. Terrain Not correctly rotating TIF and other images with world files in some situations. Location E-library: SubCut II - Under SG component not calculating fill volumes correctly when bIncludeInSG flag set. Terrain Insert image with different units (meters vs. feet), coordinate transformation incorrect.