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Entering Survey Notes

Updated October 17, 2017

This article applies to:
  • Terrain 3D
  • Terrain Forestry
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry

In the steps above, we have set up the columns and entry mode to allow us to enter a sample set of notes with the minimum number of key strokes.

Note: Our sample notes are recorded from the bottom up; if you work the other way, set the Top Down check box in the Entry Order area of the Traverse Entry Options dialogue box.

  1. Start entering the Block 1 traverse notes shown below.

Figure 1: Block1 Traverse Notes

  1. Place your cursor in the label field at the bottom of the screen and type main 699.1 then press <Enter> to move to the Type field.

The <Enter> or <Tab> key will move between the fields selected in the Tab/Enter Sequence; <Shift +Enter> or <Shift +Tab> will reverse the direction.

  1. Press <Enter> again to accept the default FS indicating that this is a normal foreshot.
  2. Type 354.5 under the Fore Azim column <Enter>.
  3. Type 22 under the Slp% column <Enter>.
  4. Type 43 under the S.D.column <Enter>, and <Enter> again to bypass the Labels column.

Note that:

  • The Station is calculated and displayed.
  • The cursor skips over the HD column to the Slp% column.
  • Horizontal distance is automatically calculated from the slope distance and the percent slope.
  1. Press <Enter> to indicate that the 2nd line of the traverse is an FS type shot and continue to enter the notes in the figure above.

At Station 71.2 (the 3rd line of the traverse) the Type of the next shot is not FS.

  1. When you reach station 71.2, Type field, type “I” or select IFS from the drop menu and press <Enter>. This indicates that this shot will be an IFS (Intermediate Foreshot).

Note: IFS shots (Intermediate Foreshots) differ from Foreshots (FS Type) in a number of ways. Foreshots have an azimuth while IFS shots do not. An IFS shot has the same azimuth as the next FS type shot. Secondly, IFS shots always start at the last station or hub. A number of IFS shots in a row will all start at the last turning point and all distances will reference back to that station.

When and why are IFS shots used instead of Foreshots or FS shots?
IFS shots are used when approaching a location where topography is important but creating a hub is not (such as a gully or stream crossing). IFS shots are used rather than FS shots because the total chainage does not increase and hence neither does the error that can build up with excessive FS type entry.

Radial Shots (RS type shots) like IFS shots always start at the last station hub or turning point but unlike IFS shots have their own azimuth and hence do not define the centerline of the survey. They are used as reference (tie) stations or for topography.

  1. Press <Enter>.The program will correct the IFS azimuth later when it is defined. In this case it will be the bearing of the subsequent shot (25.0 degrees).

This traverse has been saved as <SurveyMap>\Notes\block1.tr1.

  1. Click the close button on block1.tr1. Choose NO when prompted to save changes.