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Closing the Boundary Traverse

Updated October 17, 2017

This article applies to:
  • Terrain Forestry
  • RoadEng Forestry

This example illustrates how to close a boundary by determining its area and the closing error.

  1. If the previous exercise was not completed then File | Open <SurveyMap>\Notes\block1.tr1 and <SurveyMap>\Notes\
  1. Use View | Tile Vertically to arrange the map and traverse documents side by side

Note there is a small gap between the first and last station.

  1. Click on the Traverse Document title bar (titled block1.tr1).
  2. Select Traverse | Close Traverse button. A confirmation prompt will appear asking whether you want to close the traverse. Press OK.

Figure 1: Coordinate Adjust Log

  1. Another dialogue box will appear called Coordinate Adjust Log. It states that there is a Horizontal (XY) and a Vertical (Z) deviation to Absolute Station 898.0. Area of closed traverse 5.6 Ha and a closure error of 0.74%. Press OK.

Note: Scroll the traverse notes so that the last shot is visible. Station 898.0 now has an asterisk beside it (indicating an absolute coordinate). This means that station 898.0 has fixed X, Y, and Z coordinates, in this case the same as station 0.0. The coordinates of the first station in a traverse are always absolute. The coordinates between absolute stations are determined using the Compass Rule.

Figure 2: Asterisk Displaying Absolute Coordinates

  1. Click the Close button on both map and traverse. Do not save changes.