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Wall 1 - SG Fill Wall

Updated May 09, 2016

This article applies to:
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry

SG Fill Wall

Fill wall below subgrade or culvert headwall. Place this component before the Roadway object.

Typical Cross Section


bSGSuperSet to one if the sub-grade has crown or superelevation.
SG_VOffsetVertical offset from profile attachment point to subgrade.
WallOffsetXHorizontal offset from CL to inside of wall.
WallTopWidthTop width of the wall.
WallCoverHtHeight of SG fill above the wall measured from at the WallCoverWidth offset.
WallCoverWidthWidth of wall SG cover measured from wall offset.
WallInsideSlopeInside slope of the wall.
WallOutsideSlopeOutside side slope of the wall.
WallTopSlopeSlope of the top of the wall.
bWallIncludeSGIf set to 1 if SG fill is placed above the wall.
bHasFlatBase1 => flat base. 0 => base is on existing ground.
WallCoverFillSlopeFill slope of SG above the wall.
WallBaseCutDepthDepth of base of wall below topo measured at inside corer. Ignored if bHasFlatBase=0.
WallBaseExtraWidthAdditional width on the outside of the wall base. Ignored if bHasFlatBase=0.
bWallBaseBackFillSet to 1 if toe of the wall has backfill.
BackFillSlopeSlope of backfill at the toe of the wall.
bLayersSet to 1 to display verical layers.
LayerHeightLayer height (lift height).
LayerWidthWidth of a layer (as seen in the cross section). Should be less than WallTopWidth.
WallSlopeSlope of the face of the wall.