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Updated August 18, 2023

This article applies to:
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry


GRS MSE wall component

Typical Cross Section

GRS MSE Wall.png


VtOffset Vertical offset from the component attachment point (CL) to the start of the horizontal offset measurement.  
HzOffset Horizontal offset. If wall to be at rd edge, rd subgrade width. Super and widening applied.  
FaceHt Height of facing element.  
FaceWidth Width of facing element.  
FaceOffset Horizontal setback of each face unit from front of previous.  
bFixedToe 1 forces toe to be set at elevation (ToeOfWallElevOrDat), 0 toe elevation is a function of topo, elevation.  
ToeOfWallElevOrDat Elevation of the wall toe (bFixedToe=1) or elevation to set datum of longitudinal steps.  
LvlCrsOutOffs Leveling course outside offset.  
LvlCrsInOffs Leveling course inside offset.  
LevelingCourseHt Depth of leveling course material.  
LevelingCourseCut Cut slope of leveling course material.  
CriticalBFillSlp Slope that delineates critical backfill material and tie back length.  
CritBackFillBtmWdt Width of critical backfill material at bottom of wall. This also delineates tie back length.  
MinWallEmbedment If not a fixed toe, minimum depth of wall below stripped topo.  
TieBackVtSpacing Vertical spacing for primary tie back layers  
MinTieBckCover (advanced) Minimum critical backfill cover over top tieback.  
Fillslope_OtherSid (advanced) Fill slope for the other side of the road. Only useful if the rockfill extends beyond the width of the road top.  
RoadSGWidthOpp (advanced) Road subgrade width on opposite side of attachment point (CL).