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Roadway Components - RURAL 3

Updated May 06, 2016

This article applies to:
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry

Up to 3 layer rural roadway. Width of subbase is variable.

Typical Cross Section

Default Material Assignments


AcpThickThickness of pavement surface.
AcpWidthSurfacing or lane width, for pavement layer.
SubbaseThickThickness of subb ase material.
SubbaseWidthSubbase width. Set to 0 if only one layer below pavement.
SubbaseFillSlopeFill slope % of subbase layer.
SG_DepthDepth to sub-grade.
ShoulderGravSlopeSlope of shoulder (super will be added if variable bSoulderSuper is set).
ShoulderGravThickThickness of shoulder material.
bShoulderGravSuperSet to 1 if super is applied to the shoulder.
Shoulder_V_OffsetVertical offset from top of asphalt to top of shoulder. This value is usually 0 or a small negative value.
Shoulder_H_OffsetOffset from CL to shoulder. Must be greater than AcpWidth.
OutsideFillSlopeOutside fill slope of the surfacing materials.
_SUPERSuperelevation or crown