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Roadway Components - DEFAULT

Updated May 05, 2016

This article applies to:
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry

Default Roadway Component

Basic roadway component containing up to 3 surfacing layers. The width of layers can be set explicitly or controlled by layers above.

Typical Cross Section

Default Material Assignments

Dialog Parameters

Sub-grade Width

The sub-grade width can either be entered explicitly or automatically calculated from the surfacing material above. If the sub-grade is automatically calculated from the surfacing (Auto size set) the sub-grade width will vary with super-elevation.

Crown Slopes %

The crown slope applies when there is no super-elevation. When super-elevation is present the crown slope is transitioned from full crown to full super.

Sub-grade Daylight Distance

Daylighting can be used to automatically extend the sub-grade. This parameter only applies if the edge of road is below topography (in cut). It the horizontal distance from the edge of the sub-grade to ground is less than this parameter the sub-grade is extended horizontally to meet ground.


Surfacing layers are defined from sub-grade upwards e.g. Layer 1 is the first layer above sub-grade, layer 2 is the second layer above sub-grade and so on.

  • Depth – Vertical thickness of road surfacing layers.
  • Fill Slope – Fill angle for layer.
  • Width – This is the horizontal distance from CL to the top edge of surfacing (surfacing slope not included).
  • Auto Size if set, the the width of surfacing is determined from the layer above (taking into account crown or super-elevation).


Display component

Attach profile at the top of the surfacing

If selected, the attachment control point on the profile will be at the top of surfacing layer, otherwise it is set on SG.

Override Parameters

SrfDepth(i) - Depth of surfacing (project units), for surface i (surfaces numbered from bottom up, e.g 1 is first surface above subgrade)

SrfSlope(i) - Surfacing slope, for surface i (surfaces numbered from bottom up, e.g 1 is first surface above subgrade)