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Ditches and Subcuts - DITCH 1

Updated May 06, 2016

This article applies to:
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry


Conditionally creates a ditch. It checks to see if it is required using a probe. If the end of the probe is below ground the ditch is formed.

Typical Cross Section


DitchProbeDepthProbe depth if the probe is below ground a ditch is formed. 99 = ditch always, -99 = ditch never. See also bBotInFillFlag.
bDitchIncludeIf set to 0, there is no ditch.
bBotInFillFlagIf set to 1 the ditch bottom can be above ground.
DitchDepthDepth of the ditch measured from the attachment point.
DitchInSlpDitch slope from attachment point (edge of road) to bottom of ditch
DitchBotWdWidth of the bottom of the ditch (horizontal distance).
DitchBotSlpBottom of the ditch slope.
DitchBackSlpHtHeight of ditch backslope.
DitchBackSlpBack slope of ditch.
DitchBermWdBench width at the top of the back slope.