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Updated June 15, 2016

This article applies to:
  • Terrain 3D
  • Terrain Forestry
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry
  • Softree Optimal

First time user? Need a quick refresher on some basics? Check out our YouTube Training Series. Access videos through the playlist component or the individual links below:

Links to individual videos:

TopicVideo Link
Tutorial Link
Importing ASCII Survey FilesWatchTry it Yourself!
Creating a DTM with ContoursWatchTry it Yourself!
Moving Around the 3D WindowWatchTry it Yourself!
Moving Around the Plan WindowWatchTry it Yourself!
Finding and Repairing DTM ProblemsWatchTry it Yourself!
Creating BreaklinesWatchTry it Yourself!
Working with LiDARWatchTry it Yourself!
New Location DesignWatchTry it Yourself!
Vertical AlignmentWatchTry it Yourself!
Mass HaulWatchTry it Yourself!
Alignment Design and Earthwork BalancingWatchTry it Yourself!
Screen LayoutsWatchTry it Yourself!