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Webinar: Resource Road Design: Combining LiDAR and Traverse Data

Updated July 18, 2023

This article applies to:
  • RoadEng Civil

More about the session:

00:00 Introduction
01:27 Workflow Overview
04:40 Import Shape Files for Area of Interest
05:48 Adding Background Ortho Image (Live Maps)
07:20 Build Terrain Model from LiDAR
12:09 Reviewing Data in 3D (Confirming Georeference)
14:59 Determine Proposed Road Alignment (not really covered)
16:34 P-Line Survey Introduction
20:12 Create Location Design from LiDAR & P-Line
22:50 Fixing Elevation of P-Line Survey
27:18 Updating TR1N Traverse File in Location Design
28:40 Working with GPS P-Line Data
33:05 Saving GPS P-line as Traverse
37:28 Saving GPS as Background Terrain File
38:19 Custom Attributes and Labels
40:24 Alignment from LiDAR + GPS Traverse
43:00 Differences between P-Line and Non-P-Line Designs
46:35 Q & A