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Webinar: Road Design Using LiDAR Data

Updated February 07, 2023

This article applies to:
  • RoadEng Civil


We learnt a bit more about RoadEng and the core concepts and workflows needed for a low volume road design projects using LiDAR.

In this introductory webinar we covered:

  • Importing Spatial Data (*.shape files)
  • Importing LiDAR Data (*.las files)
  • Thinning Data on Import
  • Generating a TIN Surface
  • Creating a New Location File
  • Configuring the 3D View
  • Setting Up the Cross Section Templates
  • Creating the Horizontal and Vertical Alignments
  • Adding Horizontal Curves
  • Introduction to Vertical Alignment Optimization
  • LiDAR (.las) vs. DEM (geotif)
  • Comparing Horizontal Alignments
  • Adding Culverts
  • Configuring Data Tables
  • Output Formats: Multi-Plot and Digital Formats
  • Path Finder Tool Preview