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Current Feature and Point

Updated October 17, 2017

This article applies to:
  • Terrain 3D
  • Terrain Forestry
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry

In the Terrain module, it is possible to select multiple features; selected features are the target of most operations (delete, move, change line-type, change properties, etc.). Often the concept of current point and current feature is used. At least one feature must be selected.

  • There is no current point or feature if no features are selected. Selected features are always displayed with color magenta.

  • The Current Point is displayed in the plan and profile windows with a red cross.

  • The Current Feature is the selected feature containing the Current Point.

  • Most of the information displayed in the Status window relates to the Current Feature and Current Point.

  • Selecting with the mouse (in selection mode ) is a common and simple way to change the Current Feature and Current Point.