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Exporting Alignments and Cross-Sections to LandXML

Updated February 25, 2021

This article applies to:
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry

Exporting Alignments to LandXML:

Starting in Version 9, you can export one or multiple horizontal alignments:


The following options are only available if "Sections" is selected.

  • Alignment point types - allows you to choose which type of points are included in Section output. See also Alignment Point Types for more infomation.
  • Include alignment attachment point layer - if selected a single point representing the alignment attachment is included in each cross section.
  • Point Codes - if points codes are selected then only those points will be included in the cross section.
  • Auto identify critical points - if checked, colinear points are removed (unless they are explicitely selected by code) and non colinear segments are always included.
  • Always include C/L point - if checked, a C/L point will be included corresponding to the selected layer(s).
  • Single polyline output - if checked, points will be assembled into a single polyline feature and in left to right order.