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Alignment Staking

Updated August 17, 2020

This article applies to:
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry

There are several ways RoadEng can be used to field stake. To stake a road surface it is recommended saving the design (dsnx) file with LandXML extension.  If only the centerline is being staked it would be better to save as a coordinate file (txt) and/or save the centerline as dxf.

The coordinate file will generate points at the defined intervals, and the dxf file will produce a line.

To save a coordinate file follow these steps:

  • Click Save As.
  • Save the extension as coordinates (*.txt).


Figure 1: Saving As *.txt

  • Then you can configure the following dialogue box to only include the information you would like by adjusting the points, fields, and surfaces:


Figure 2: ASCII Export Options Dialog Box

  1. Point types you’ll want to only select autointerval and set the interval to 10m.
  2. Fields you will probably want your LStn, XYZ coordinates, and Code (this will give you point codes, not just CL but you’ll have an identifier to separate them).

To save a dxf of just your CL :

  • Turn off all Symbol/Linework in your Plan view.
  • Click Save As dxf.