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User-Definable Labels

Updated November 07, 2023

This article applies to:
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry
This Knowledge Base article is an excerpt from one of our tutorial files. The files referenced in the article, as well as the full tutorial document, are available in our Tutorial Installer.  

It is possible to create user definable labels and display these labels at reporting points along the alignment. User definable labels can consist of attributes and static text. The following is a partial list of attributes:

  • L-Stn l-line stationing

  • V.Brk vertical grade break

  • CL X centerline X

  • CL Y centerline Y

  • CL Elev centerline Z

The next example will demonstrate how to create a user defined label in the Plan window.

  1. File | Open <RoadEngCivil>\Location\Align stage 8.dsnx

  2. Plan | Plan Options or right click>Plan Options

  3. Click on the button adjacent to the Labels item to open the Label Selection and Formatting dialog box.

  4. In the Label Selection and Formatting Dialog, double click on the first User Defined label class (or click to select, then set Display). Click on the Options… button to open the Custom Label Options dialog box (figure Figure 22‑10).

Figure 1: Custom Label Options Dialog Box

  1. Set up the new custom label:

  1. Change Description to Interval.

  2. Press the Add Attribute… button to open dialogbox in the figure below.

  3. Add L-Stn, CL X and CL Y as shown below.

Figure 2: Add Attributes Dialog

  1. Press OK to return to the Custom Label Options dialog and update the Items list (Figure 22‑12).

Figure 3: Custom Label Options Dialog Box after Modifications

  1. Click Point Selection… button to open the Point Type Selection dialog box.

Figure 4: Point Type Selection Dialog Box

  1. Include only Auto interval points 2 (Figure 22‑13). Double click or select and set Include.

Auto interval points 2 is set to 200 ft; you can change this value by clicking on the Properties button.

  1. Press OK three time to return to the main screen.

Your Plan window should appear as shown below.

Figure 5: User Defined Labels (Stn, X, Y at 200' Spacing)

  1. The text before the numeric value (e.g. “L-Stn =”) is included because Display attribute descriptions was set in the options (refer to figure above). If you are not satisfied with these descriptions, clear this check box and enter your own: right click | Plan Option… | + next to Labels | click on Interval | Options… button | Edit… button | in User Label Edit dialogue box type: “Station = {L-Stn}” | OK four times.

  2. File Button | Close. Do not save changes.

In the exercises above we changed class label formatting; all labels with the same class had the same formatting. Class label formatting is saved with your document but it can also be saved in Screen Layouts for use in other documents.