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Creating a Catch Basin

Updated August 03, 2021

This article applies to:
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry

It is possible to automatically create a catch basin at a culvert location without creating and applying a separate template. 

To follow this tutorial, download the corresponding files here:

   1. Unzip the file and open the ditch_catch_basin.dnsx file.

The figure below shows a culvert cross section with a triangular ditch on the left.  


Figure 1 – Culvert Cross Section with Triangular Ditch

   2. To add a catch basin, select the culvert in the Culvert Panel, then press the Properties                  button. The Culvert Properties dialog box shown below will appear.


Figure 2 – Culvert Properties Dialog Box

   3. Set the Ditch width and Ditch depth to account for the catch basin. The Template Offset is         the distance that the full width and depth of the template is maintained. The Template                   Taper is the distance of transition from no template override to full width and depth and               from full width and depth to no template override.

When the Culvert Properties are applied a catch basin will be created overriding the template near the culvert (see figure below).


Figure 3 – Template Override Used to Create a Catch Basin.


  • The Template override will only work if a ditch already exists at the cross section (it will not create a ditch if one doesn’t exist).
  • The placement of the catch basin will not account for the skew of the culvert.