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Moving Around the Traverse Window

Updated May 20, 2016

This article applies to:
  • Terrain Forestry
  • RoadEng Forestry

Mouse Operations

The mouse offers a quick method for moving around the entry area. To edit a cell, place the cursor on the cell and click the left mouse button once. This will highlight the perimeter of the cell and allow you to edit its contents. Once a cell is selected, the cursor will change shape allowing you to edit the text.

Mouse Double Click. For most columns a mouse double click will popup an Extended Entry dialogue. This allows additional information to be entered.

Keyboard Operations

Special key strokes are provided for use within the data entry area of the Traverse Window. For editing data within a data cell, all typical text editing keys apply (i.e. <Delete>, <Back Space>, etc.). For moving between cells, a definition of keystrokes follows.

The tab key is functionally the same as the <Enter> key.

The <Shift><Tab> key is functionally the same as the <Shift><Enter> key.

<Ctrl><Cursor Keys>
With the control key held down, the cursor keys will accept data entered within a cell and move you one cell in a selected direction.

<Page Up>
Moves you up one page of survey notes data.

<Page Down>
Moves you down one page of survey notes data.

Accelerator Keys

Several accelerator keys are provided to allow you to quickly access functions. The following accelerator keys are provided. (Also known as Quick Stroke Keys)

Ctrl-N File - New

Ctrl-S File - Save

Ctrl-P File - Print

Ctrl-O Edit - Current Field Options.

Ctrl-I Station - Insert Shot

Ctrl-D Station - Delete Shot(s)

Ctrl-J Station - Jump to Station