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Creating a Logging Setup

Updated May 19, 2016

This article applies to:
  • Terrain Forestry
  • RoadEng Forestry

The tutorial files referred to in this article can be installed from the Updates section of or from your CD/Flash Drive provided at time of software purchase. See Getting Started for additional information on tutorial files and the location of file install folders.

A Logging Setup represents the yarder, cables and carriage. A Logging Setup is a combination of Equipment and Logging Configuration.

1. To create a new yarder, select File | Retrieve Screen Layout
\training\training cables.ilt. This loads the window positions and display options suitable for Cable Analysis.

2. Activate the Profile Window. Select Cable Analysis | Equipment to open the dialogue box shown below.

Figure 1: Equipment list dialogue box

3. Type the name Bob's New Yarder in the bottom edit box then click the Add button this activates the Equipment Edit dialogue box.

Figure 2: Equipment edit dialogue box

4. For this example there is no need to change any of the default values. If, however, this were a real yarder you would have to get correct values for Max. Working Tension and Weight Per Length for future analyses to be accurate. Press OK to exit the dialogue box and add the new Equipment to your list. Press OK again to exit the Equipment list dialogue box.

5. Select Cable Analysis | Setup.

Figure 3: Logging setup list dialogue box

6. Type a new index number, 5, and title, Bob's New Setup, as shown in Figure 4. Press the Add button to open Logging Setups dialogue box.

Figure 4: Logging setup dialogue box

7. Select the items shown in Figure 5. You are rigging Bob's New Yarder with a Skyline system. The carriage is a simple block attached to butt rigging; it is moved by both mainline and haulback cables. Press OK to add the new Logging Setup to your list. Do not exit the Logging Setups dialogue box.

Note: The items in the Logging config list in the Logging Setups creation dialogue box are not configurable and are described in On-line Help.

It is possible to create as many setups as you like with each yarder.

If you change cables on your yarder, then you should modify your equipment with the Cable AnalysisïEquipment dialogue box but this will only affect new setups. To modify the setup just created.

8.Click on the Edit button; the Logging Setup Options dialogue box shown below will appear.

Figure 5: Logging setup options dialogue box

9. All the parameters extracted from the Equipment and Logging Configuration can be modified if required. Press Cancel to exit.

Note: Before you exit the Logging Setups dialogue box, check the Save as default check box, Figure 2. If you do not check this item your setups will only be saved with the current Terrain. If you check Save as default your setups will also be saved in the , RoadEng\cables.prm file and will be available for the future.

10. File | New. Do not save changes