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Softree Optimal Concepts

Updated May 14, 2020

This article applies to:
  • Softree Optimal

Softree Optimal provides automated and semi-automated functions to determine the lowest cost vertical alignment based on curvature, cross section configuration, and horizontal alignment. It accounts for excavation, embankment, and material movement costs. Softree Optimal produces a true optimal vertical alignment solution (guarantee of optimality) and will accommodate detailed design specifications. These features allow it to be applied at any stage of the design process. Softree Optimal can also be used to evaluate existing designs.

Softree Optimal requires an original ground terrain. The designer controls cross section templates, alignment location and curves. Softree Optimal provides real-time feedback of volumes, mass haul, road footprint, cross sections, grades, etc.

Softree Optimal can also export designed surfaces back to the other design programs (Civil3D, 12D, Bentley civil design software).



Softree Optimal is a tool to assist road designers and planners. It is not a substitute for knowledge in the subject area. Individuals using it need to have a sound understanding of road design and understand the limitations of this technology.

Although Softree Optimal may save time and help the designer identify economic solutions, there is no guarantee that the results will be practical or meet the project design criteria. It is up to the designer/engineer to ensure the suitability of the design.