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Multi-Plot Pagination

Updated May 24, 2016

This article applies to:
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry

The tutorial files referred to in this article can be installed from the Updates section of or from your CD/Flash Drive provided at time of software purchase. See Getting Started for additional information on tutorial files and the location of file install folders.

The Location Multi-Plot Window can automatically produce as many pages as required to show the entire design. This section will explore some of the pagination options.

If you are continuing from the Multi-Plot Output Introduction above you may omit steps 1 and 2.

1. File | Open \Location\Align stage 9.dsn

2. Retrieve screen layout \Training\training multi 2.dlt

Note: The page setup is not saved with the screen layout. Go to File | Print Setup to change the orientation to landscape and paper size to legal.
Notice that the Multi-Plot Window title bar says that this is Page 1 of 3.

3. Use to see what all the pages look like (menu View | Jump to Page also works).

4. Choose menu View | Multi-Plot Options to open the dialogue box below. You can also access this menu by right clicking in the Multi-Plot Window.

5. Click on the Pagination button.

Notice that the current page size is set to Use Plan or Profile width – reducing the width of the Profile sub-view, for example, would reduce the page size from the current value of 905.5 feet (in the disabled edit box above). You will now change the setting to a Fixed width (figure below). This is the recommended paging method when page station ranges are constant.

Figure 1: Multi-Plot paging options.

6. Change the Length to Fixed, 800 and the overlap to 0 as shown above. Press OK and OK, again.

Again page through the design, ; notice the overlap between pages and the gap at the start of page 1.
The Multi-Plot window can also display section graphics; in this case the station range per page is not always a constant. The optional steps below give you a chance to look at a typical section multi-plot showing curve transition points.

7. Retrieve screen layout \Training\training multi section.dlt. Right click to access Multi-plot options dialogue box (as shown below). Note Pagination is set to Section. Press OK twice to close options dialogue box

Figure 2: Section multi-plot example.

8. Page through the document then check out the pagination options (as in the steps above).

9. Retrieve screen layout training multi 3.dlt to restore the Plan over Profile layout.

10. Continue to Multi-Plot Plan Rotation or close using File | Close. Do not save changes.