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Adding Legends to Multi-Plots

Updated May 24, 2016

This article applies to:
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry

The tutorial files referred to in this article can be installed from the Updates section of or from your CD/Flash Drive provided at time of software purchase. See Getting Started for additional information on tutorial files and the location of file install folders.

This section covers creating a legend sub-view item and examining some of its options.

If you are continuing from Multi-Plot Layouts omit steps 1 and 2.

1. Open \Location\Align stage 9.dsn.

2. Retrieve screen layout \Training\training multi 4.dlt.

Note: The page setup is not saved with the screen layout. Go to File | Print Setup to change the orientation to landscape and paper size to legal.

3. Choose menu Edit | New Sub-View | Legend to create a legend item.

Most of the legend items created automatically need to be removed; some of those remaining will need to be renamed.

4. Right click on the legend and choose menu Legend Sub-View Options.

5. Click on the Items button to display the dialogue box below.

Figure 1: Dialogue box for modifying legend items.

6. Select and Remove all but the items shown below left (multiple select is allowed: or ).

Figure 2: Legend with fewer items (left) and new descriptions (right).

7. Select items one at a time and change the Description as above right.

At this point you may wish to experiment with the other buttons. The Properties button allows you to change the line, symbol and hatching for any item.

8. Press OK once to return to the main legend options dialogue.

9. Change the Number of columns to 1 and press OK.

10. Finally move and size your legend so it fits nicely on the right of the Plan and Profile graphics; see figure below.

Figure 3: Legend added to layout.

11. Save your modified screen layout training Output.dlt.