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Configuring our Chapter

Updated October 02, 2020

This article applies to:
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry

Note: This article/tutorial continues from the previous example.

The first chapter we will create is a Plan over Profile layout.

7. <Right-click> on the chapter.JPGDefault chapter, this should allow you to edit its name. Select Rename Chapter, change the name to PlanProfile.

The Location Multi-Plot Window can automatically produce as many pages as are required to show the entire design. Before we insert a Sub-View, it would be more appropriate to set the number of pages to avoid any potential rework. In this section, we will explore some of the pagination options.

Multi-plot | Pagination:

  • Make sure Fixed is selected as Length of road (Stations) per page.
  • Enter a value of 800 Feet.
  • Enter an overlap value of 0% as seen below in Figure 26‑4.
  • Press OK to accept these Pagination Options.



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