Release Notes


9.0.125AllAuto-Updater enabled.
9.0.100TerrainAuto tail hold for cable analysis.
9.0.100LocationXML Surface export directly from Location.
9.0.100TerrainPlan display of accessible yarding zone.
9.0.100TerrainLive Maps - Direct online imagery access to free imagery.
9.0.100TerrainAutomatic display current feature in profile window.
9.0.100LocationPlan window shading and display enhancements.
9.0.100TerrainModernization of cable analysis interface.
9.0.100TerrainExplore mode for cable analysis.
9.0.100AllDirect export from Terrain and Location to Avenza maps.
9.0.100AllSpanish localization.
9.0.94LocationAuto-generate curves button added to horizontal curve panel.
9.0.42TerrainSecond beta release of Feature Tracking. Only available if license provided. Ribbon UI added.
9.0.40TerrainBeta release of Feature Tracking.

Bug Fixes

VersionModuleBug Fix
9.0.123LocationLegend replaced by Legend from another chapter on save and re-open (both DSNX and BLT)
9.0.122Survey/MapTraverse and Map ribbon tabs missing. Work around by clicking on another tab.
9.0.105AllImage disappears if zoom in too much.
9.0.83LocationVertical Optimization: new control point Tolerance Below not implemented correctly (uses Tolerance Above instead).
9.0.83LocationFeature Properties panel, status area display of Fwd. Leg items show incorrect values if you have selected a TIN point as the current point.
9.0.81LocationTemplate overrides corrupted on save/re-open when there are multiple horizontal alignments.
9.0.65TerrainPlan ribbon, Edit Comment not working
9.0.59LocationExport LANDXml Alignment names not preserved
9.0.59LocationMultiplot crash when window missing.